Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Monster High Clones ... Midnight Magic

Here is the backstory for the new Monster High clones, Midnight Magic: four teenaged friends sip a magic potion left out by an absent-minded professor and poof! Each receives a different magic power. Patty, Audra, Melanie, and Katie become Pippa, Adele, Mila, and Kayley from midnight until dawn. Their complexions turn as well - Pippa gets gray complexion and black hair; Adele gets pink complexion and black hair with pink streaks; Mila gets blue complexion and blue with purple hair; and Kayley gets purple complexion with dark reddish hair.

The most magical aspect of these dolls is their price: $5.00 each. Yes. And I saw them at Family Dollar stores in Philadelphia, PA. If you would like to see the dolls online, they have a website. Brought to you by the makers of Lovely Patsy.