Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Get Set Club and Mixis Body Comparison

I have three photos showing Get Set Club Isabella and Sunset Edition Houda of the Mixis for body comparison.

Houda and Isabella face up (left to right)

Houda and Isabella face down (left to right)

Houda and Isabella side view (left to right)


ModernWizard said...

Thanks for those pictures of the G5 and the comparisons with Mixis. I really like fem sculpts that aren't generically pretty. I usually have to weather my fems' faces or alter the sculpt, but it seems that these sculpts do have more character than average.

Do you think the G5s have the same bodies as the Hasbro Jem dolls? They look similar.

D7ana said...

You're welcome. I am always happy to take photos and to "talk dolls."

I like having a mix of traditionally pretty dolls and strong character ones. Rosa of the Mixis looks pretty to me, but she has a definite nose and full lips. If I can find a doll with a strong nose or mouth, that's a win. The G5 dolls are a little less pretty, but they are still attractive dolls.

I'll post photos of a G5 and a Jem doll for comparison.

Thanks for your interest ;-D

ModernWizard said...

Hey, here's a request for you...can you do in-focus front and side shots of your Mixis' heads? I'm thinking Houda is really beautiful, but can't quite tell. [Yeah, despite my interest in a variety of fem sculpts, I do like the lookers as well!]

D7ana said...

Sure. I'll post close up photos of the Mixis dolls' heads tomorrow or Friday. What I appreciate most about the Mixis dolls is that they are lovely dolls with more realistic features.

Glad to find another (possible) Mixis enthusiast!

ModernWizard said...

Thanks, D7! I'm especially curious to see Houda, Rosa and Opal. I'll be checking back.

kristl said...

thanks for this post. I am always interested in more diversity. Bodies, faces, whatever. The world is diverse and I like my daughter's collection to reflect that.

D7ana said...

You're welcome, Kristl. My pleasure to share any discussion on doll and action figure diversity. What a wonderful collection your daughter has and will have. And for her not to be afraid to actually play with them - priceless ;-)