Thursday, February 12, 2009

YNU Mixis Dolls' Close Up Photos

Limited Edition Emerald

Limited Edition Emerald right

Limited Edition Emerald left

Sunset Edition Houda

Sunset Edition Houda right

Sunset Edition Houda left

Limited Edition Opal

Limited Edition Opal right

Limited Edition Opal left

Sunset Edition Opal

Sunset Edition Opal right

Sunset Edition Opal left

Limited Edition Rosa

Limited Edition Rosa right

Limited Edition Rosa left

Sunset Edition Rosa


ModernWizard said...

Thanks for the photos. I really like Rosa, especially her full cheeks.

Something about Emerald seems off to me, though. Her shimmery lipstick and her exaggeratedly tilted eyes don't seem to go with the rest of the dolls' less exaggerated features. I bet she would benefit from a repaint.

I think I like Rosa better than Houda, although I really like Houda's nose.

D7ana said...

My pleasure, taking the photos. You are welcome; I appreciate the suggestion.

Regarding Emerald's eyes, I agree that they are more cartoony than the other dolls' eyes. At first, I thought that it was the pink eyeliner. Opal is darker and she has the pink eyeliner, too. But Opal's eyes are still pretty. Emerald's left eye tilt seems off. A repaint would perfect her ... I'd have to practice on some other dolls first, but I like that idea.

Rosa is the most stunning doll in this collection. If I could only have ONE of these dolls, Rosa would probably be my chosen one.

I had to "warm to" Houda, but I'm glad that I got her. Her nose is adorably hooked. If I had the funds ... no, when I have the funds, I will get an extra Houda and have her rerooted with dark curly hair and repainted eyes.

The facial structure of these dolls gives them that je ne sais quoi edge.

~Jen, Doll Links said...

Dana, thanks for sending me a note about this! I've added the links to my blog.

D7ana said...

Thanks, Jen, for adding this post to your blog. I hope that more people become interested in this doll series so that they can produce the dolls they have "in waiting."