Saturday, August 15, 2009

everGirl Dolls by Playmates

"Every Girl's an everGirl ... " the everGirl doll's slogan, 2005

The everGirl dolls by Playmates are part of a Nickelodeon brand for tweens. The everGirl dolls are sold individually; none of the dolls that I own have specific names. (There seems to be four recurring characters in a handheld game associated with this brand - Joy, Hope, Skye, and Starr - but that information does not seem available online now.) Each 10" tall doll wears a corduroy jacket, an everGirl logo tee shirt, unhemmed denim jeans, loafers, and a white over-sized carryall bag. Beneath that outfit, the dolls have painted on white bra and white panties. Their arms bend at the elbows (jointed), and they have click-bend knees like standard modern Barbies.

If you want a blonde, brunette, or red-haired doll, you can choose a doll with any of those hair colors AND a choice of blue, brown, or green eyes.

If you want an ethnic doll, you may choose from an olive complexioned, brown-eyed Asian doll; a caramel complexioned, brown-eyed Hispanic doll; OR a medium brown complexioned, brown-eyed Black doll.

Here's a photo of my four - Asian American, Hispanic American, African American, and European American - everGirls.

The intended child owner could take the everStyle Quiz to determine her everStyle:

Preppy (Green butterfly icon)
Trendy (Hot pink flower icon)
Funky (Purple star icon)
Sporty (Pink lightening bolt icon)

You can see some of those fashions in the photo below:

For additional information on this doll brand, please see

Some of the everGirls on sale

everGirl at 2005 ToyFair for preproduction photos

everGirl Brand information

Wikipedia stub on the everGirl brand

Please note the official everGirl web page is "getting a makeover" according to the message on that page.

Note: some of the everGirls shoes can fit Ideal's Tuesday Taylor and Taylor Jones, the "big feet" swimsuit Barbies, Pedigree Sindy, and YNU Group's Mixis dolls. Some of the everGirls clothes can fit Volks' Who's That Girl dolls and Super Action Jenny dolls.


Niel said...

These dolls I only get to see online. Thanks for sharing. ^_^

D7ana said...

You're welcome :-)

I'll try to include them in other photos so you can see them "dressed", too LOL

Quiskaeya said...

Your blog is so cool! This is definitely a doll collectors paradise :) I love how you have taken the time to provide such detailed information about each doll and provide resources on where the dolls can be purchased. Good work!

Btw - thank you for visiting my blog and feel free to continue the dialogue over here!

D7ana said...

Quiskaeya, you speak dangerous words. You invite me to speak at your blog again. You may rue those words LOL.

Kidding aside - I joke a lot - thanks for the kind words about my blog. I am happy to share and to learn from others involved in this wonderfully cool hobby.

If you send me the URL of your blog, I will add you to my list so that I can follow your blog's every update. And so that others can access your blog from here, too ;-D