Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mixis Sale - Run to the Store at Mixis.com!

It's been a while since I've seen any Mixis news, but I stopped by the Mixis website and lo! The page was updated. There are additional blog posts and sigh-worthy recipes - plus a MIXIS Online Book Club. Interesting readings submitted by our four favorite Mixis characters. And even better than that, the Holiday Sale!

The Mixis First Edition Dolls (Emerald, Houda, Opal, and Rose) are on sale for $29.99 each doll; regular price is $59.99 each doll.

The Mixis Sunshine Dolls (Emerald, Rosa, Opal and Houda) are on sale for $24.99 each doll; regular price is $49.99 each doll.

Mixis Culturally Inspired Clothing paks vary from $8.50 to $12.50.

Note: YNU Group International, the manufacturers of the Mixis dolls, is located in Canada. I include this information because the shipping will be from Canada.

Time to stock up for holiday and post-holiday gifts, hmmm?


Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

happy buying and have a great holiday ahead. ;-)P

D7ana said...

Thanks, "iLham!" Hope it lasts long enough for me to get some of the outfits.

(I have all of the current dolls EXCEPT the Limited Edition Houda wearing the snow outfit; I am looking forward to the new dolls.

Noah said...

I love your blog. I'm new to the doll scene but I finally put together a blog. I hope you'll stop by and visit. I think you'll like it. themadestore.blogspot.com

D7ana said...

Thanks for your comment!

I now follow your blog - I love the way you introduce doll/action figure characters in the sidebar. Cool. Looking forward to seeing more of your fashions, too!