Wednesday, February 8, 2023

WALMART TOY BLOWOUT CLEARANCE! Barbie, Coco Melon, Ryan’s World & more!

Walmart has sweetheart doll and toy sales this February. YouTuber Erica of OCC Gang shows finds like recent Barbie Fashionistas as well as other fashion dolls on sale from $1.00 up. Could this sale inspire me to go doll seeking? Mmmm ....  Alas, Walmart seems to be a dangerous place lately. While I have not experienced any problems there, others have. But no place is safe. Take care, all.


Barb the Evil Genius said...

Thanks for sharing this news with us doll collectors. I did check out the sales at Walmart, but I wasn't looking at Mattel, but rather (whispers) Rainbow High. I'll still be doing things with the Barbies in my collection, but I'm not interested in anything new from Mattel.

The grandmommy said...

WOW! That was fun. I guess it is off to Walmart I go! Glad I came back so I can see my old friends again.

D7ana said...

Hi and thanks for visiting, friends!

@Barb, I think the deals are happening at Walmarts that are closing: I paid full price for the two Naturalistas I got today. The Rainbow High dolls are beautifully colorful with snazzy fashions and accessories. Good luck getting the dolls you want. There are a few Barbie dolls I'd like to get, but my first two dolls of the year aren't from Mattel. Shrug.

@Linda, hug. Thanks for the welcome. Lots of bad things have been happening in Walmart: assaults, thefts, etc. But things seem crazy many places in America today. BUT clearances remain fun and exciting when found. I'm cartoon tippy-toe careful. Best wishes for you, too!

@The grandmommy - That vlogger, Erica, pulls together some amazing deals. I'm glad we've come back. I'll be "seeing" you soon.