Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hispanic Heritage Month Doll Focus: YNU Group Mixis Rosa

Hispanic Heritage Month Doll Focus: YNU Group, Incorporated Mixis Rosa Dominguez Katz

Here is the First Edition Rosa Dominguez Katz. Since some of Rosa's family come from Mexico, she is participating in the Hispanic Heritage Month posting. I first saw Opal and Rosa on September 13, 2008 at the Black Latino Expo in the Convention Center. The owner from the now defunct company Dolls Like Me allowed me to choose the two dolls I wanted. (Emerald was on back order so they didn't have any Emeralds to show.)  The dolls were a little under a foot tall, but they had a heavier, more substantial body than Barbie and most Barbie clones. They had detailed, classy accessories and unique faces suggesting their multi-racial background.

Rosa wears her original shrug and tank top. The skirt is borrowed from First Edition Emerald Okada.

Here is the back view of Rosa. You can see her wavy dark hair.

Below is another Rosa doll: this one is the Limited Edition doll with the articulated elbows. Her face is a little fuller than the First Edition Rosa. That Rosa has an early production number. This Rosa has a higher production number - do you think that the molds wore down as the years passed, making the face fuller? I think that this Rosa looks older than the other one.

Back view of the Limited Edition Rosa doll shows her arm bend, wavy hair, and dress details.

Limited Edition Rosa on the left; First Edition Rosa on the right. Do you think one is prettier? I do. But I would rather not say which.

Want to read more about the Mixis experience by D7ana. Check these links:

Curious about Hispanic and Jewish connections in the United States? The Atlantic addressed this topic

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Identifying DAFs in the Hispanic Heritage Month 2014 Photo

Who's Who in this photograph.

Standing from left to right:

Mattel Barbie for President 2004
Hasbro G.I. Joe
Get Set Club Isabella
Mattel Generation Girl Ana
Mattel Rebelde Giovanni Méndez
Mattel Rebelde Diego Bustamante
Mattel Rebelde Mía Colucci
Mattel Rebelde Miguel Arango
Hot Toys Bronze TrueType Figures
M&C Toys Power Team World Peacekeepers*

Kneeling or sitting from left to right:

Lanard I-Girl Rio
Mattel Tango Barbie
Mattel Tango Ken
Get Real Girl Gabi

*M&C Toys do not label the race or the ethnicity of their action figures. I thought this particular Power Team member looked as if he could be black Hispanic. So I placed him in the group.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hispanic Heritage Month: September 15th - October 15th

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, some of the Hispanic dolls and action figures posed for this photo. The plan was for everyone to wear something red, but as happens with the best of plans, everyone does not always follow through. Can you recognize the renegade who wore purple? I won't name names, but I'll leave that to you. Some of these have appeared in other years' heritage photos. Some may not have. There are - of course - more Hispanic dolls chez moi, but these were closest at hand and wearing red. Sigh. Mostly.

I will be posting a "master list" and featuring individual Hispanic dolls throughout this period. So Mixis Rosa, Mattel Teresa, and Integrity Alysa WILL have individual posts. And a post with links to other collectors' Hispanic dolls and/or action figures as well as a Wish List of Hispanic dolls and action figures I would someday like to own.

Anyone celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month or planning tribute posts? Please share the links in your comments.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Want to Win a Prettie Girl Lena Doll? Contest News

First, I am NOT running this contest. I am merely reporting its existence to those of you who may not receive messages from One World Doll Project. One World Doll Project Prettie Girls! Design Team holds a monthly essay-writing contest called The Prettie Dreamers Essay Contest. You can read the official rules - it seems to be open to adults as well as minors although the website photos show minors holding Prettie Girl dolls Lena and Dahlia. (That said, I am NOT entering the contest: it feels like something intended for young people. Also, Lena is the current prize doll. I am not crazy about her bangs. I'm holding out for Kimani, Dahlia, and Alexie.) You have 17 more days from today to submit your essay entry to the One World Doll Project. Or you can pass this information on to the young collectors in your life. Good luck!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

My Fashion Doll and Action Figure Library, Part 1 Books

Do you think of books when you think about collecting? Or is collecting just about the figures?

Or maybe online guides fulfill your need for reference? I like online references. They are handy when I am at the computer. Some of them have even been vetted by other collectors. But ... I grew up turning to books for answers, and books still retain a hold on me. No amount of clicking is as satisfying as the weight of a book in my hands or the smooth coolness of glossy pages against my fingers.

So here are the books that I have now. There are more books I would like to add - if you know titles and authors for books about playscale fashion dolls or action figures, do share them. I know that my list is incomplete: I look forward to learning about others from you. 

(Aside - have questions about how to format your book list? I found both an online reference guide on bibliography formatting AND an online bibliographic program that reduces some of your typing. Free.)

D7ana's Starter Fashion Doll and Action Figure Book List

Augustyniak, J. Michael. Barbie doll around the world: identification & values, 1964-2007. Paducah, Ky.: Collector Books, 2007.
Augustyniak, J. Michael. Barbie doll collector's identification and values. 2008 edition ed. Paducah, Ky.: Collector Books, 2008.
Augustyniak, J. Michael. Collector's encyclopedia of Barbie doll exclusives: identification & values, 1972-2004. 3rd ed. Paducah, Ky.: Collector Books, 2005.
Blitman, Joe. Barbie doll's cousin Francie & her mod, mod, mod, mod world of fashion: price guide. Grantsville, Md.: Hobby House Press, 1996.
Boy, Billy. Barbie!: her life & times, and the new theater of fashion. New York: Crown, 1987.
DeWein, Sibyl St. John, and Joan Ashabraner. The collectors encyclopedia of Barbie dolls and collectibles. Paducah, Ky.: Collector Books, 1977.
DeWein, Sibyl St. John. Collectible Barbie dolls, 1977-1979. Clarksville, Tn.: Jostens, 1980.
Mandeville, A. Glenn. 5th Doll Fashion Anthology & Price Guide Featuring Barbie dolls and other fashion dolls. 1996. Grantsville, Md.: Hobby House Press, 1996.
Moody, Carol. G.I. Joe value guide, 1964-1978: dolls, gear & equipment. 2nd Revised edition ed. Cumberland, Md.: Hobby House Press, 1989.
Rana, Margo. Barbie doll exclusively for Timeless Creations: identification & values. 1986-1996. Grantsville, Md.: Hobby House Press, 1997.
Rawstron, Yvonne. Oh, you beautiful doll: the 11 1/2" doll book of high fashion. New York: Perigee Books, 1982.
Rupp, Rebecca Ann. Treasury of Barbie doll accessories: 1961-1995. Grantsville, Md.: Hobby House Press, 1996.
Sirkis, Susan Bonsall. Men's fashions 1860-1970. Williamsburg, Va.: Wish Booklets, 1978.
Sirkis, Susan Bonsall. Men's fashions 1760 - 1850. Williamsburg, Va.: Wish Booklets, 1977.
Smith, Patricia R.. Modern collector's dolls: second series. Paducah, Ky.: Collector Books, 1975.
Smith, Patricia R.. Modern collector's dolls: fifth series. Paducah, Ky.: Collector Books, 1984.
Teruel, Rudi, and David Wu. The World of Jenny. Kuala Lumpur: Cite, 2001.
Theriault, Florence. Theriault's presents Barbie: a value guide and description of the Barbie doll and other Mattel dolls, 1959-1976. Annapolis, Md.: Gold Horse Pub., 1985.
Worrell, Estelle Ansley. The dollhouse book. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1964.

What doll and/or action figure topic books do you collect? What titles would you add to round out my book collection. I thank you in advance for your tips and suggestions.

I have not forgotten doll magazines or catalogs or brochures. Future posts will feature those reference sources. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Seen at Target: Playscale Ice Cream Bike

There's a new playscale cycle in town: the Moxie Girlz have an Ice Cream Bike. The bike is a bright and light blue; the ice cream cart before it is - you guessed it, pale pink. The cold storage area holds the extra ice cream scoops and doll dollar bills. (Not sanitary, I would think, but I suppose more finicky people can give Sophina a money belt to use instead.) The actual ice cream cones are set out along the front and top of the storage area. (Also not sanitary, sigh.)

What interests me about this playset is that this Moxie Girlz, Sophina, has JOINTED KNEES! Yes, a partially articulated Moxie Girlz body. My first thought was "new body donor." Which young teen head would fit on that body? Then the price registered: $34.99. Okay, the ice cream bike plays music, and the doll is articulated. But $34.99 - before taxes? Not likely. There are three dolls I could get for that same money. Wait for clearance.

Want to see this bike in action? Check this review from a young collector.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Internet Connection Problems

I have not been able to access the Internet at home. Problems with Clear service providers. I'm going to cancel if the service does not work when I get home. Very trying experience.