Sunday, April 12, 2015

Worried Your Doll's Ashy Skin is Caused by VDS?

Back in 2009, I had asked if anyone had experienced ashy-faced dolls. What I meant by "ashy-faced dolls" was dolls who seemed to have sprouted powder on their faces. I had had two Mattel fashion dolls with that condition - Fashion Fever Kayla and Cali Girl Lea. (Kayla sold - and yes, I informed the buyer about her "skin problem.") Well, I am pleased to announce now that I know what the problem is. No, the problem is not VDS. Lea has mycelial mat. How can I make that claim? I read pages 58-59 of Nicholas J. Hill's The Definitive Book On The Care And Preservation Of Vinyl Dolls And Action Figures.  

First, what is VDS? VDS is "vinyl deterioration syndrome," a term used by some action figure and/or doll collectors. However, VDS is a misnomer; the problem is not the vinyl. The problem is fungi want food. The plasticizers in vinyl - under the right conditions, say a room with high humidity - makes good food for fungi. (Think silent lip smacking.) So they attach themselves to our lovely dolls and feast. The white powdery stuff is baby fungi; they gain color as they develop. I think Lea's fungi are still "baby" (stunted) because her face is not thick enough to provide enough nourishment for the mycelial mat to develop.

How did this happen to Lea? I had placed her on top of a 79 1/2" tall IKEA Billy bookcase close to a window. Bad move on my part since that exposed her to more extreme temperature fluctuations and to more humidity than in the rest of the room. 

Is treatment available? Yes, it is. Formula 9-1-1 sold by Twin Pines. Have I tried this product? No, not yet. It has received endorsements and positive reviews online and off

So rest easy knowing there is no VDS looming on the horizon and waiting to devour your figures. And check the recommendations on this page to help keep humidity down in your doll room. Relieved?

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Bunningtons with Playscale Figures

I want to demonstrate the size of the Bunningtons so I have Sal, a Power Team action figure, and Galleria (Raven) by Jakks Pacific hold them. Sal and Galleria are about 11.5" tall. Playscale.

M & C Toys Power Team Action figure holding set of 4 Mattel Bunningtons
M & C Toys Power Team Action figure holding set of 4 Mattel Bunningtons

Jakks Pacific Galleria holding 2 Mattel Bunningtons: tallest Father and shortest Brother
Jakks Pacific Galleria holding 2 Mattel Bunningtons: tallest Father and shortest Brother

I know: aaaawwww ....

I'm so glad I got them years ago.

National Tartan Day - Celebrating Scottish Americans

On April 4th 2008, President George Bush signed a Presidential Proclamation making April 6th National Tartan Day. I recently learned about this holiday when I checked for diversity month updates. I have no known Scottish roots (paging Dr. Henry Louis Gates); does that matter? No. Tartan is the cloth pattern associated with Scotland. I have two guys wearing tartan kilts. Here are my kilt-wearing guys, Tommy and High School Musical Ryan.

Mattel High School Musical Ryan and Mattel Scottish Tommy in kilts
Mattel High School Musical Ryan and Mattel Scottish Tommy in kilts

Mattel High School Musical Ryan wearing a kilt
Mattel High School Musical Ryan wearing a kilt

Back view of Mattel High School Musical Ryan's kilt
Mattel's version of a kilt, back view

Mattel Scottish Tommy wearing a kilt
Mattel Scottish Tommy in his kilt

Mattel has produced a few versions of Scottish-themed Barbies - 1981, 1991, 2006, 2009,  and 2011. (I had a Scottish Barbie, but I sold her many years ago.) They have also produced Merida from Disney's Brave and Monster High Lorna McNessie. If Mattel's version(s) of Scottish offend your tastes, try this link to a kilt pattern for G.I. Joe. The seamstresses among you can alter that pattern to fit Ken and/or other figures.

You can read more about Scottish Americans on Wikipedia. Or you can read more about Tartan Day celebrations in general. My favorite contributions from Scottish Americans are fried chicken, Campbell's soups, Kellogg's cereals, and some Doritos. Tasty and convenient!

I think I know what question you might have for these guys, but I'll wait to see if you do. If you have any comments or would like to share links to your Scottish dolls and/or action figures, please do so.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter from D7ana and the Bunningtons!

No, I have not joined a rock group. Relax ... your ears are safe.

I was fuzzy about what to post for an Easter greeting so I borrowed jSarie's bunny theme. These four characters are the Bunningtons of Furryville by Mattel. With their height between 2 and nearly 3", they are the perfect size for your playscale figures who collect stuffed animals. The Bunningtons - Brother, Mother, Father, and Sister - are jointed at the shoulders so they can raise their arms.  They wear coordinated denim fashions suitable for gardening and for selling their goods in town.

From me and my playscale crew to you and yours, Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Themes: Easter, Tartans, Earth/Arbor Days, Administrative Professionals

Oh, it's April 2nd and early in the month. Time for a "themes of the month" post. Since no specific heritage is honored, I can pull over some topics I did not fully address last month: Spring and Spring Cleaning, Women's History Month, and Barbie. 

April also has these special dates:

5th is Easter Sunday

6th is National Tartan Day - to date, this is the only day recognizing Scottish Americans*

22nd is Earth Day 

23rd is Administrative Professionals Day

25th is Arbor Day

Organizing update aka Spring cleaning news: I've found Get Set Vanessa and Harley Davidson Barbie. Yay! Mystery Squad Barbie is still missing. Sigh. Then again, I found this playset, #3012-01 the Real Friends Shopping Mall by Geoffrey, Inc. circa 1999. It was distributed by Toys R Us. I'll share more photos of it later. A recent post on Mrs. Anderson's blog inspired me to check on it.

What are your plans for April topics? Let me know in the Comments ;-)

* that I am aware of

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fool's Day - and a Marvel-ous Prank

I don't have an April Fool's Day prank, but I found this fun video review. Okay, the figure is smaller than playscale. The video left me with a smile. Marvel comics fans delight!

Oh and for a doll-related photo, here are two of my plastic shoe boxes.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Organizing Update: Progress by Room

Update on the organizing project:

  •     Missing dolls: Get Set Vanessa, Harley D Barbie, Mystery Squad Barbie
  •     Sorting accessories by type (FUN); see photos below
  •     Where will I store loose dolls and action figures?

  •     Storing most IKEA bags holding boxed DAFs here
  •     Need to sort loose dolls and action figures and accessories
  •     Need to list For Sale stuff


  •     All bags holding DAFs have been removed from this area
  •     Storing cardboard boxes with doll magazines here

Playscale art supplies by Mattel, Re-Ment, Lanard
Playscale art supplies

Mattel, Chic Boutique costumes
Playscale costumes

Musical instruments by Mattel, Takara, Hasbro, Spinmaster, Play Along Ltd
Playscale Musical Instruments

Sports accessories by Mattel, M&C Toys, Get Real Girl, etc.
Playscale sports items

Note: I LOVE semi-clear plastic shoe boxes.