Friday, August 5, 2016

Classic Star Trek Fan Should Check Mattel's 2016 Dolls

Classic Star Trek Fan? Check the new Star Trek dolls Mattel is offering for 2016. The Uhura doll is stunning. I'm not sure if I can share the photos on Mattel's website so I'm leaving the links instead. Enjoy!

Captain Kirk

Mr. Spock

Lieutenant Uhura

I think Uhura and Spock are good likenesses of and , but the doll is less on point. Still he's a cute male doll if you are seeking additional males. What do you think?

Monday, May 9, 2016

Return of PhillyCollector

Hi, folks. I'm back.

 A blogger buddy has just returned to blogging after a loss. Her return reminds me that I have been AWOL from my blog for far too long. Also, I want to coo over the new Curvy, Tall, and Petite Barbies. Despite the limited articulation, I like these dolls. Several are on my Wish List.

So long time, no see, PhillyCollector. What's up?

Well, I've moved to sunny Upper Darby. Yes, for the first time in my life, I am not living in Philly. While I could whine about my new location, I won't. There are other things to worry about. Like my dolls being scattered in several locations.
Wohhh. How did this come to pass? Lack of planning. I got sick. I went to the hospital. This time, they kept me there. Months of hospitalization and then rehabilitation kept me away from my playscale buddies. So, I lost control of my collection. Some dolls and action figures, my Mom held onto. I have those. Others, my sister Amy took. I'm having trouble getting those back. Others, my brother Jason has in two storage units. I've got a few of those. Just need to get the balance out.


I haven't given up on collecting or lost interest. I was away from computers from December 25th, 2015 until gee, sometime this year. I was bed-bound for a month and then another month or so doing rehab to get back to walking. Why? I have colon cancer.

I did not want to announce that here because I thought of this blog as a usually sunny, happy place. But I want you to know because you are my people. So I am sharing this news with you. I have had time to get adjusted to this diagnosis, and I'm taking things one day at a time. I've received good treatment and lots of family support. Friends chime in as well. Life is good 'cause I'm still here AND able to eat. Did I mention how much I love eating?

I'm looking forward to - FINALLY - selling some dolls and buying NEW dolls! Just have to get my camera back and snapping photos again.

Friday, November 20, 2015

State of the Blogger

So where's a Philly-collector been? 

Mostly home and near bed. I could not go far with a turbulent stomach and a hypersensitive nose.

Where am I now? Library. So, yes, I am getting better.

I have missed blog updates here and elsewhere, but please know - I will be BACK.

Thanks for your visits - past, present, and future. Next up? Sales.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Playscale Swim Suit Issue

In the beginning, Barbie was issued wearing a black-white striped swim suit. And fashion dolls and action figures have swim suits as a fashion staple.

This issue has been somewhat inspired by Fashion Doll Stylist.

Let's start with the most basic white swim wear - painted on briefs for Oliver and painted on bra-tops and panties for everGirl, Get Real Girl Claire and Get Real Girl Gabi. The red-haired everGirl has a strapless bra top while the Get Real Girls wear more modest, full bra-tank tops. Oliver is an exception; most male dolls and/or action figures do not wear white shorts.

Let's see some more sophisticated white swim fashions - white with a little metallic. 

Here are Twist'n turn Casey (Mattel), Suntan Tuesday Taylor (Ideal), Monsieur Z Babes Wild (Integrity Toys), Dynamite Girl Heartbreaker T.J. (also Integrity Toys), and Fashion Model On Location - Milan Barbie (Mattel). T.J. wears the original swim set of Integrity Toys' Nu Face .

Armageddon Xenia (Toy Biz) and Kisara (Takara) wear basic knit swim wear. Xenia has borrowed Bbi Perfect Body's black two-piece and Kisara wears her original black one-piece.

Next, the guys show a range of flesh exposure options. Jericho (Jakks Pacific) wears the briefest swim pants while the unnamed priest formerly known as Commander Adamo (Majestic Studios) and S Club Seven's Paul (Hasbro) are less generous in baring their legs. 

Finally, Sindy (Pedigree) shares Olmec Naomi's black-white striped swimsuit. It's a comfortable fit for her.

Where are the tropical and rainbow colors? Let's see some samples here. I'll let you guess who the models are and which swim suits they are wearing. (The dolls and action figures have been seen here before. The swim suits? Maybe ....)

For those bright tropical colors of yellow, orange, and lime green, here are my favorites:

And what about his tropical swim wear? Some male dolls and action figures vie with the sun.

Jewel and other colors up next. Hers followed by his.

I do have other dolls and action figures wearing or capable of wearing swim suit. Perhaps next year, I will do another swim wear post with more figures and more comments. Have you guessed who my colorful models are?

Sunday, October 18, 2015

L.A.Girl Fashionista and Others Seen at Walmart - Ms. Leo Alert

Another photo post that is short on text.

L.A. Girl Fashionista with the Skipper-face.

2nd Skipper-faced Fashionista with light blue eyes, auburn hair, and a tan complexion.

For Ms. Leo - the AA Fashionista with the beauty mark. 

Seen in Target! Fashionistas, Christmas Specials, and Frozen Reindeer

A mostly photos post - scant on text.

I saw the AA Fashionista with the beauty mark and this 2015 Fashionista

Sleighing Skipper with a plastic sleigh for one.

And a new Sven the reindeer set from the Disney movie Frozen. The set includes Sven and a sleigh that might actually carry the two sister princesses. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fashionistas Seen at Walmart

For Philly locals seeking these 3 new Fashionistas, I saw them at Walmart. They were hidden behind many blond Barbie Fashionistas. If you prefer to buy your dolls online, also has them at "Rollback" prices - $7.94 each, which means you save $2.03 on each doll. While that might not seem a big reduction, it does add up. Almost like buy 2, get one free. Almost ;-)

Blue-eyed, light complected Asha-faced doll

Walmart link for light complected Asha-faced doll. The Asha face sculpt was one of the original Black face sculpts for the Shani line. Mattel issuing the doll in a lighter complexion does not make the doll "White." I consider her a bi-racial Asha. Her blue eyes and lighter complexion give her enough of a difference to warrant adding her to my collection. I like her necklace and the sensible flat shoes, too.

Fair-complected, Lea-faced doll

Walmart link for fair complected Lea-faced doll. I don't have a match for this face, hair arrangement, and complexion so I might get this doll. How can I resist that Meow cat tee shirt? So she's second on my list.

Brown complected, Goddess-faced doll

Walmart link for brown complected Goddess-faced doll. She's a lovely doll, but I have several dolls about this complexion so I am not likely to get this one. I don't care for the outfit either. Shrug.

Ms. Leo reported seeing these dolls at a Family Dollar store. I am submitting this post to mention that these dolls are appearing at Walmart and to share the sale price. So anyone who'd like that pale Lea-faced doll, maybe the price reduction will tip that doll into your shopping cart. Maybe?