Thursday, October 1, 2020

Flavas Advertisement at KB Toys 2003

Here is a 2003 KB Toys advertisement for one of the first waves of Mattel's Flavas dolls, "Street." (The other wave was called "Sport.") The ad also shows a purple Flavas van, one of the two Date dolls and bike sets, and 3 of the six denim jackets created for each doll in this line. Here is the full ad followed by photos of the pieces.

The "Street" wave Flavas from left to right: Happy D, Kiyoni Brown, Tika, Tre, P Bo, and Liam. 


Flavas Street Rod sold separate from the dolls.


Flavas Bike Date - Liam and Happy D. Two dolls and one motorcycle were in this set. The other Bike Date set with Tre and Kiyoni Brown, not shown in this circular, had a purple motorcycle. Tre's and Kiyoni's jackets were yellow, black, and white color blocked.


Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Redressed Mattel Petite Fashionistas 97 Meow Mix - Jeans Themes

Mattel Petite Fashionistas 97 deboxed


Let's say hello to Mattel Fashionistas #97 "Meow Mix" from 2018. Her East Philly name is Katherine Par. (No, she has no known connection to the historical Katherine Parr.) Our Katherine aka Kat-with-a-K is a petite Fashionistas. While Kat loved her kitty-themed dress, she wanted to change into something more casual, something a little more mature looking. So she rummaged through our doll closets. Below are her best fits. Please share them with the petite Fashionistas in your life.

Redressed Mattel Petite Fashionistas 97 in Fashion Fever top and Flavas jeans

Redressed Mattel Petite Fashionistas 97, back view


Kat's first exciting find was a pair of Mattel Flavas's jeans (from Denim and Diamonds Kiyoni Brown) that she paired with a Mattel Fashion Fever cropped white top with silver lips across the bodice. Flavas Kiyoni Brown and Happy D were the shortest Flavas dolls and the same height. So if you have any Flavas fashions for either of those two dolls, your petite Fashionistas can share them.

Mattel Petite Fashionistas 97 in Cali Girl Lea jeans

Kat next found Cali Girl Lea's cut-off jeans. Another perfect fit.


Although the everGirl dolls were intended for younger teen dolls, Kat felt that these everGirl jeans were sufficiently age-neutral for her to wear without looking too juvenile. She might have the pants' legs hemmed.

Mattel Petite Fashionistas 97 in everGirl jeans, back view


Then there was this slightly "off" Mattel My Scene stretch denim romper. Kat thinks that this fashion just missed perfection because the bodice was intended for a fuller breasted doll.

Mattel Petite Fashionistas 97 in My Scene romper

And, of course, there were some fashion misses like a pair of R&D Susie's jeans and a pair of Mattel My Scene Barbie's bootcut jeans. We decided to show those two misses so you could see how those two fashions would not suit.

Mattel Petite Fashionistas 97 in R&D Susie jeans

Mattel Petite Fashionistas 97 in My Scene full length pants

The R&D Susie jeans are not wide enough for petite Fashionistas. The My Scene jeans' legs hang over Kat's feet. "Not good looks," Kat decided. Let us know what fashions your petite Fashionistas wear. Thanks for your suggestions.


Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Millie's New Friend and More Shasarignis' Fashions

Millie (BMR1959 GHT92) wants to introduce her new friend, Max. Max is a German Shepherd.
"Isn't he beautiful?"

"I think he's a superior dog."

"So good-natured ...."

Jade (KMart Just Dollz Jade Princess) and Sheeda (BMR1959 GHT91) pause during their Shasarignis photo shoot to meet Max. They are curious, but they want to protect their pretty dresses.

Jade wonders if there is a way they could incorporate Max into the photo shoot.

Max is a Hibon German Shepherd dog for 1:6 scale action figures. Max is not his official name. When he arrived, Millie and I decided he would be named "Max" after the Bionic Woman's dog. Millie's favorite scene of "The Bionic Woman" was when Jaime, the Bionic Woman, ordered her German Shepherd dog to "look out." The director actually showed the dog peering around the corner as if he were following her instructions. Seriously? Oh yeah. Granted, I'm biased towards cats, so maybe … maybe you can instruct dogs like that? Any dog connoisseur's want to comment?

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Mattel Alex Morgan Shero Doll - Philly Sighting

Mattel Shero Alex Morgan doll and some 2020 Fashionista dolls

I do apologize for this fuzzy photo*. I'm leaving it to show the doll's appearance in a local Target store (for locals, this was taken at the South Philly Target). If you are a fan of the U.S. women's national soccer team, you might want to add this doll to your collection. You can read about her in this Barbie website post. If you cannot find her near you, you can order her from Mattel. I have no interest in team sports. I don't find this doll attractive - she reminds me of a homelier Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, doll by Arklu Ltd. However, she is on a Made-to-Move Barbie body so ... maybe if she was discounted enough, I might get her and attempt a repaint.

Aside - the real person, Alex Morgan, looks much better than Mattel's doll. The doll's mouth has an exaggerated V-shape. Then again, you can tell whom the doll is meant to be - if you know about soccer, etc. - so maybe a skilled doll artist could improve the resemblance? Maybe. What do you think?

*If I see this doll again, I'll replace this photo.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Found! Three 2020 Fashionistas in Philly!

Yippee! Short post here, but I HAD to share that I've finally seen some of the new 2020 Barbie Fashionistas here in Philadelphia, PA. Which ones?

1. the tall brunette wearing the mouse-print dress, pink booties and cat-framed sunglasses 
2. the tall redhead wearing the tie-dye fringe dress, gold booties, and gold earrings

3. the curvy pink-haired doll wearing the red paisley dress, white sneakers, and scrunchie bracelet

Where did I find them? South Philly Target. So the price was $10.00 each.

Anyone else find them yet?

Friday, July 24, 2020

Liberating 2005 Mattel Fashion Fever Wave N Shannen

Third doll on my Liberation List is Mattel Fashion Fever Shannen from Wave N, 2005. Why Shannen? Actually, I like her fashion - I didn't initially because I did not like the bright blue-silver colors. I thought tans or pepper reds or warmer paletted fashions would suit this tawny-toned beauty. Removed from Shannen, the outfit became more attractive. The faux leather won't likely withstand frequent changes, but I can get some photos of other dolls wearing it - more on that at the end of the post. Here is Shannen.

Mattel Fashion Fever Wave N Shannen, tubed

Mattel Fashion Fever Wave N Shannen, back of tube

Mattel Fashion Fever Wave N Shannen, bottom of tube

Mattel Fashion Fever Wave N Shannen, tube removed

Mattel Fashion Fever Wave N Shannen waving

Mattel Fashion Fever Wave N Shannen, full profile

Mattel Fashion Fever Wave N Shannen, face

Mattel Fashion Fever Wave N Shannen, full body front

Mattel Fashion Fever Wave N Shannen, full body back view

Mattel Fashion Fever Wave N Shannen outfit, back view
Shannen's outfit consists of a sky and cerulean blue marbled, long-sleeved top, a silver pleather quilted vest, and dark royal blue metallic pleather pants. I'm not a fan of pleather for myself, but I like it on dolls. The electric blue kill-me heeled sandals, the 3/4 silver "metal chain" belt, and the silver plastic cell phone complete her ensemble. I love that it isn't pink or purple or pastelled. Overall, I think it has an adult, club-going, electric image. (Also, not my style, but dolls can pull this look off.)

Mattel Fashion Fever Wave N Shannen outfit, front view
Below, I attached one side of the 2005 Wave Fashionistas poster to a form a backdrop for this photo shoot. On that poster, to the right of Shannen's head, you'll notice a doll that probably was the prototype for Shannen. That doll has Shannen's complexion and possibly Shannen's vest and top, but that doll seems to have a different face mold. The poster doll's eyes look smaller and closer together than Shannen's and her lip color looks pinker than Shannen's peppery red lip color. I'm glad that Mattel produced Shannen with the Tango face mold and the coloring she has. I even like her hair color - and its silky texture.

Mattel Fashion Fever Wave N Shannen redressed in a Fashion Avenue skirt
As did the two Christies I de-boxed before her, Shannen also has the Belly button Barbie body so her waist is a little wider than the Fashion Avenue faux suede skirt I like for her, based on its color. So I found something also from the Fashion Fever line for her to borrow: Fashion Fever Teresa's polka dot cotton halter dress.

Mattel Fashion Fever Wave N Shannen, redressed in a Fashion Fever Teresa dress

Mattel Fashion Fever Wave N Shannen, FF Teresa dress, back view
Shannen decided to find "something cooler and more comfortable." So she borrowed a pair of Fashionistas cut-off jean shorts and a recently issued Mattel Hello Kitty-themed sleeveless tank. Joining her are the two Fashion Fever Christies previously liberated from their tubes.

Three Mattel Fashion Fever dolls: Christie, Shannen, and Christie

Three Mattel Fashion Fever dolls: Christie, Shannen, and Christie chat

I mentioned at the start of this post that I would find a more suitable doll to wear Shannen's original fashion. Here is my choice: 2007 Jazz Baby Cabaret Barbie aka Maud. She's waving the cell phone in these two photos. I like how the bright, metallic cool colors brighten and highlight Maud's pale complexion. I like how her shorter hair and darker, Goth-like makeup match the modern vibe of this fashion.

Jazz Baby Cabaret Dancer Barbie from 2007

Jazz Baby Cabaret Dancer Barbie from 2007 at a different angle

So is Shannen a keeper? Yes, she is. I might even find an articulated body for her. Any suggestions on which Made to Move body or WWE body would suit? Do you think Maud wears Shannen's outfit better?