Friday, June 9, 2017

Five Dollar Wonder Woman - Whoo!

I got her, I got her!

Mattel 2017 Wonder Woman - Diana Prince in the blue gown. Yes, she can wear a sword in a hidden sheath in that gown. Where? Well, you can "hide" the sword in the back of her gown. Not the most practical location to put a dangerous weapon, I agree. But cool all the same. Now I would have preferred the bow-wielding doll for face screening and hairstyle, but when I saw that $5.00 sticker beneath the spot for the blue-gowned doll, I nabbed TWO. One to keep as she is; the other, to give another doll articulation. I mean, F-I-V-E dollars for an articulated doll with a SWORD. 

(I know nothing about swords, but I do like them as a doll or action figure accessory. Sigh. So romantic. Dramatic. I'll consider how to work a sword into a story later.) 

Where did I find this bargain? At a brick-and-mortar Walmart store. Online, she costs $14.97. So it saves to go to the physical store sometimes. 

Happy hunting and good luck!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Toy Fair 2017 Links or Barbie, Barbie, Barbie

Toy Fair comes once a year. Where do I start? Mattel and Barbie.

Yes, I am a Barbie-centric doll/action figure enthusiast. This year, that means the Fashionistas! Idle Hands has a YouTube video on the new Fashionistas. Another site showing some new Fashionistas has me ooohhhing and aaahhhing. Check the black doll with that afro! Want List. Or the gal with the light blue hair. Want List again. The two dolls with orange hair? Four I gotta have dolls. If you have a Yahoo or a Flickr account, check the photos here.

What about the Barbie Careers dolls? Nerd News Today names some career options we have seen in 2016 along with a new one. Think, Bob the hum hum.

Moving from career women to a fictional "super" woman, let's check Entertainment Weekly's photos of Mattel playline Wonder Woman action dolls. Yes, she seems to have the same gorgeous face as the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Collector's Edition Wonder Woman. Hooray for those of us who now won't have to pay the collector or the markup prices for her. I think the play line doll needs a longer neck. I will re-body her.

What about Mattel's famous women in play scale ... and yes, I refuse to describe them as "Sheroes" because that term irks me. Pause to set my teeth and face straight. If you've seen the MyFroggyStuff video, you'll know that the Mattel Gabby Douglas doll WILL be available this April. Are you an Ashley Graham fan? Guess who is getting a curvy Barbie in her image? Additional link available here. NerdNews reports that the Ashley Graham doll will be available in April. Natalia Vodianova joins the list of real heroes captured in play scale by Mattel. You can read about the super model, mother, and philanthropist online.

Okay, it is not fair to title a post "Toy Fair 2017" and NOT include links to action figures or other dolls. Wondering what's new in 1:6 scale outside the Barbie Universe? Asmzine (Altered States Magazine) reports on Big Chief Studios and other toy manufacturers. Michael Crawford lists his Top Ten Toy Fair 2017 picks. Toyark shares photos of some Hot Toys figures to come. And there is a special new set coming that I am saving for its own post.

Those are some of the dolls I look forward to seeing. Do any of these excite you or are you looking for some others? 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

First New Doll of the Year

... is Fashionistas Ken 6 Color Blocked Cool.

Ken Fashionistas No. 6 Color Blocked Cool, Photo by Jason Cooper

I found him in the Rittenhouse Target. It is like a mini Target. They have a small doll section roughly one-quarter of their regular doll aisles. The doll offerings included Barbie Fashionistas and Career dolls and a few Disney selections from Frozen and Moana. Alas, the online sales did not appear in this store - but I think prices at any stores in Center City get marked up because of the location. Shrug. Still, this store could be good as a "ship-to-store" option.

Had I intended this Ken to be my first doll of the year? No. He happened to be in Target when I was. He seemed hidden behind the other Kens. I didn't see Hip Hop Hoodie or any of the other 2017 dolls I'd considered who might have outranked him. However, he was on my Want List. Here's why
  • He has a new male face
  • He's cute
  • He wears a decent male outfit
New guy [face] in town. Mattel produces fewer male dolls so it's fun to nab the ones that they do make. As much as I like some face sculpts, I like variety, too. Having a new male face is like having a new character.

Cutie status. I like his nose. It looks "Roman." I like the slight jut of his chin. Someone said he reminded her of Mario Lopez from Extra. I could see a slight resemblance, but this Ken does not have as strong an ethnic look. I don't have any other dolls named "Mario" though so that's his name in my doll world.

Decent male outfit. Confession: I do not like pink for my guys. Usually. So when I saw this outfit has a black and gray tee and distressed burgundy "jeans" with tan construction boots, I was hopeful. Seeing that the shirt and the pants were separate cinched the sale. The tee has a nice jersey feel with a velcro closure in the back. While the pants are as skinny as they can be, they are made from a cotton cloth that works for play scale jeans. They also have a velcro closure in the back. The plastic molded boots have a slit in the back to allow them to be easily put on or pulled off. Sigh. The boots look best from the front or the side.

I asked my brother to take the photo here with his cell phone. Jaye, I understand what you mean about camera phones. Some phones' cameras anyway. Fuzzy photos. This was the best photo; the ones from the cell phone I have were fuzzier. I wanted to have at least one photo for this post.

So welcome, Mario, to East Philadelphia. 

Who is your first doll of 2017?

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Janus Post: Recent Past and Near Future Doings

January 31, 2017 - already? I'm still recovering from 2016. Ha!

Let's start with a health update. Good news: my lungs are clear (no cancer there). The two lesions on my liver have shrunk to 4mm each. I am to have another CT scan in March to see if I will need additional chemotherapy or if I can - oh please - get scheduled to have my colon returned.

State of my doll collection: some dolls and action figures are still in storage. I've created an Excel spreadsheet to track those I have and those I need to recover. So glad to reconnect with my play scale and other plastic people.

Collecting 2016 and beyond. Yes, I bought some doll in 2016. You bet I got some of those new Fashionistas, but I also got two of The Wanted guys and a few others. I'll share a post about them in February. Any guesses as to which Fashionista body shape I like best? Anyone want to share which if any of the Fashionista shapes you like? Any with favorites? Any want to share their favorite body type(s) in order of preference?

Camera status. Still need to get a new digital camera. I have received helpful suggestions on specific brands and models from doll buddies Debbie B. Garrett and Ms. Harley D. I MUST get a new camera. Must.

Online doll communities. I'm commenting and viewing posts and photos. Thanks to everyone who visited this blog during my absence and who return.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Classic Star Trek Fan Should Check Mattel's 2016 Dolls

Classic Star Trek Fan? Check the new Star Trek dolls Mattel is offering for 2016. The Uhura doll is stunning. I'm not sure if I can share the photos on Mattel's website so I'm leaving the links instead. Enjoy!

Captain Kirk

Mr. Spock

Lieutenant Uhura

I think Uhura and Spock are good likenesses of and , but the doll is less on point. Still he's a cute male doll if you are seeking additional males. What do you think?

Monday, May 9, 2016

Return of PhillyCollector

Hi, folks. I'm back.

 A blogger buddy has just returned to blogging after a loss. Her return reminds me that I have been AWOL from my blog for far too long. Also, I want to coo over the new Curvy, Tall, and Petite Barbies. Despite the limited articulation, I like these dolls. Several are on my Wish List.

So long time, no see, PhillyCollector. What's up?

Well, I've moved to sunny Upper Darby. Yes, for the first time in my life, I am not living in Philly. While I could whine about my new location, I won't. There are other things to worry about. Like my dolls being scattered in several locations.
Wohhh. How did this come to pass? Lack of planning. I got sick. I went to the hospital. This time, they kept me there. Months of hospitalization and then rehabilitation kept me away from my playscale buddies. So, I lost control of my collection. Some dolls and action figures, my Mom held onto. I have those. Others, my sister Amy took. I'm having trouble getting those back. Others, my brother Jason has in two storage units. I've got a few of those. Just need to get the balance out.


I haven't given up on collecting or lost interest. I was away from computers from December 25th, 2015 until gee, sometime this year. I was bed-bound for a month and then another month or so doing rehab to get back to walking. Why? I have colon cancer.

I did not want to announce that here because I thought of this blog as a usually sunny, happy place. But I want you to know because you are my people. So I am sharing this news with you. I have had time to get adjusted to this diagnosis, and I'm taking things one day at a time. I've received good treatment and lots of family support. Friends chime in as well. Life is good 'cause I'm still here AND able to eat. Did I mention how much I love eating?

I'm looking forward to - FINALLY - selling some dolls and buying NEW dolls! Just have to get my camera back and snapping photos again.

Friday, November 20, 2015

State of the Blogger

So where's a Philly-collector been? 

Mostly home and near bed. I could not go far with a turbulent stomach and a hypersensitive nose.

Where am I now? Library. So, yes, I am getting better.

I have missed blog updates here and elsewhere, but please know - I will be BACK.

Thanks for your visits - past, present, and future. Next up? Sales.