Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to Sell Barbies for Newbies

I received a request for information on how to sell Barbies from someone who has had "no contact with other collectors." I offer this information, but if anyone else wants to share his or her experiences, please send in comments.

First, you need to list the dolls you have for sale. Note the condition of the box, the date on the box, and the doll name/title/series.

Next, how much time do you want to devote to selling your Barbies? If you want to sell them as quick as possible, for whatever price you can get, try to find a doll dealer, someone who specializes in buying and/or selling dolls in your area. Check your telephone directory and an online directory to see if there are local doll dealers who might buy some or all of your dolls. Me, I have not found any dealer buyers, but I can not say that I really tried hard to find them. It is not easy to sell dolls in recent years, but it is possible.

You can also try to find out if there are any doll clubs in your area. Are any of their members interested in the dolls you have for sale?

Third, you can investigate eBay. I have sold dolls via eBay.

Here is some suggested reading:

1. Vanessa's encounter with a couple who had purchased Barbies for a daughter they never had.

2. Denise Van Patten's Doll Collecting Guide's links on Selling .

Write back and/or check back for additional suggestions from other readers of this blog. Doll enthusiasts are helpful people. Let us know how you make out or if you have any additional questions.

If anyone would like to add any additional information or other links, please share. I thank you in advance.