Sunday, November 16, 2008

Emerald and Houda Arrive -- New Mixis Photos

Emerald and Houda of the Mixis have joined the East Philly Doll and Action Figure Zone!

Here are photos of the new ladies and their fellow Mixis, Opal and Rosa:

First, Emerald and Houda in their boxes.

Next, the back of the world-map themed box liner:

The Mixis are packaged similar to the Fashion Royalty dolls in that they are tied to their boxes by ribbons and the clothes are loosely "sewn" down. There are NO doll heads attached to the boxes by plastic tags. The plastic harpooning of doll heads annoys me. Won't go into that nightmare here.

Finally, a group shot of all the Mixis that I have to date.

I love their individual looks. And noses! They have noses with bridges!