Tuesday, February 11, 2014

List of Valentine Barbies from Your Anti-Valentine's Day Blogger

Pssst ... I am going to let you in on a BIG secret. (Looking around to see if anyone is near.) I am not big on the Valentine's Day scene.

Yeah, it's got chocolate. But I can get chocolate any time of the year. On sale, too, if I go for it after Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. Plus, I don't trust anyone to buy candy for me. My Dad told me years ago how he got back at a former girlfriend by popping chocolate ex-lax in her candy. I am so grateful for learning about that trick when I was a child. Never got hit by that one, ha ha.

Yeah, it's got flowers. Come on though. Those flowers are dead. Do I want someone killing flowers for me? No. As for flowery plants, do I look like a gardener? Okay, you don't know what I look like and who's to say what a gardener looks like? I like the idea of gardening better than the reality of playing with dirt and getting grimy fingernails. So nix the flowers.

Yeah, it's got stuffed animals. Surely, I can't resist the over-sized teddy bears or other candy-colored, stuffed critters? Wanna bet? In fact, I mentally gag at the sight of pastel-putrid Care Bear-like creatures. Give them ooey, gooey, baby-talk voices and watch me hurl. My eye twitches from annoyance. I get hives at the thought of the saccharine overload.

So, I am likely the last person to promote the red-and-pink holiday. On the other hand, I am not mean-spirited enough to spoil whatever joy others derive from the holiday. Life is short; people should savor it as much as they can. I like to provide fun information. Here is an online list of Valentine's Day Barbies. So you can see Valentine's Day Barbies and similar-themed Barbie dolls with the odd Kelly or Chelsea appearing.

I hope you enjoy this non-caloric link. No flowers, stuffed or live animals, or people were injured in the making of this post.