Thursday, June 14, 2012

Suggested Baby/Toddler Accessories at Walmart

Stepped into a Walmart the other day - please remember, I do have a cat and Walmart and Target happen to have the best prices for cat food. You do believe me, hmmm? Anyway, after I checked the Meow Mix, Iams, and Fancy Feast selections, I decided it might be nice just to see what this Walmart had available. I happened to be in one that I seldom visited so what harm could looking do?

None. I saw the new Disney Princess, Merida of Brave. Granted she is a cute doll, but she has that Disney doll failing - too big a head. So I gave a sigh. And returned her to the shelf. Saw the new Raquelle Fashionista in the gold mini dress. Well, I knew I wasn't going to get her even if I were to see her. And I was good, I did not. Saw some Bratz that were sort of cute even if they had no noses. But no, dolls must have noses in East Philly. So I passed on the Bratz Catz.

Then I saw these small baby/toddler dolls. They had molded plastic baby heads and squishy stuffed bodies. Meh faces. Nothing special, I mean. BUT the accessories ... now they could possibly be used for Mattel tots. Check the photo below. The series is called Teeny Babies; they are produced by a company called Bliptoys. Each "baby" has a different toddler accessory like a car seat, a rocking horse, and a walker. Cost? $3.00 each. Think it's time for some new toddler accessories?