Monday, January 19, 2009

Organizing the Doll and Action Figure Collection, Part 3B

Okay, I really want to break down those boxes. Open them up and separate the clothes by size into boxes. So let's get the preliminary analysis work out and done. Then I can dig in with no anxieties that I am jinxing myself.

What works?

The enthusiasm that I still have for this hobby. That I have a room and some additional space to place stuff.

What doesn't work?

While I have a doll and action figure collection, much of it is either boxed up or spread throughout the apartment now.

Essential needs?

Access to collection and maintaining the collection so that I enjoy it now and others can enjoy it when I no longer can.

Why get organized?

To better enjoy my collection.

What's stopping me from having an accessible/organized collection?

* I have items I no longer want to keep

* I have lots of boxed items that I cannot enjoy fully because they are boxed.

* I am not using the space that I have as well as I should/could


* I may need additional storage units

* I definitely need more shelves and possibly glass cabinets

* I don't have funds for new shelves, storage units, etc. now

What is my goal now?

My goal used to be to amass a huge and varied doll and action figure collection. Now I want to have a varied collection only I want it to be accessible and to be well maintained. Boxes are not as important as they used to be. In fact, I want to "play" more with the figures.

Step One: Analysis done.

Organizing the Doll and Action Figure Collection Pt. 3

After I completed my last post about organizing the doll and action figure room, I noticed that unopened clothes take up a lot of space. Here are four photos of unopened clothes:

Yes, I am jumping steps ahead of my organizing project. Deboxing comes further along, after I have written the action plan. Then I schedule actions. On the other hand, I would have more space AFTER I have opened some of those outfits up and deboxed them.

Maybe I'll start with the Ken and action figure clothes. Sort by size. I've got two tall guys (Lukas and Scottie), three husky guys (Sulu, Pavel, and Noah), about ten male teenagers (Mattel HSM and other teens; Takara Jenny's beaus), and a bunch of "regular" sized guys. Lukas, Scott, and the husky guys can have their clothes in one box, Tall and Big. The teenagers can have their clothes in another box, Youth. The other men will have a third box, Regular. When I have a chance, I would like to sort the Regular size clothes into Fall-Winter and Spring-Summer boxes so that I can go to one or the other box by season. I'll separate the shoes as well: Small, Ken, X-Large.

I also have loose clothes (male, female, children) and boxed clothes from the Mattel Mary Kate and Ashley size, Lollipop outfits, and Kelly/Shelly clothes. There is a broader range in female sizes so I would separate those outfits later. Women's sizes go from 8" Grandma Walton (Petite) to 11 1/2" Tracy and 12" Esther (Plus).