Sunday, July 17, 2011

Surrender at Toys R Us

Okay, this is one of those times when an accessory takes precedence over dolls: the Liv drum set. This I could NOT resist. The accompanying Daniela will - of course - serve as a donor body. But I had to have the drums. Sale price ... $16.18 with tax for both the body and the drums. Eight dollars and nine cents each piece. Not bad. No, there are no musical genes in my body. No dreams of becoming a rock star in my present or my past. But drums and motorcycles are two "cool" must have items. I have plenty of motorcycles and skooters. I missed the Liv drums sale at Walmart. Could not take a chance that I might miss them. I don't have a drummer yet for them, but I have the prop now. So, that's good. I have completely justified my surrender to buy.