Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Michelle Decorates a [Christmas] Tree

Usually, I don't do the decorative stuff. I am not pretty, and I don't make things pretty.

Now you don't have to contradict me. I yam as I yam to borrow from Popeye. I'm here by default. Yes, de fault of T.J. who's off on a snit. De fault of Naomi who is grieving the death of Joe Cocker. Somebody needed to decorate this Christmas tree. I agreed to do it. Yes, de fault of me volunteering.

Last year, Kenya decorated the white Christmas tree. She didn't like the size of the bells, but they were what she had. My turn. I'm not doing bells. Okay, I have a white Christmas tree - think theme. Okay ... snow and ice. Cold. Glittery. Sharp. Could use some brightening up, hey? Silver and gold? I considered creating silver foil balls or brown paper bag gingerbread men. Maybe even spray-painting a paper chain of gingerbread men gold. But hey, I don't do pretty so I found an easy alternative.

Flavor. What has a sharp, icy flavor? Mint. And the specific mint of the season? Peppermints.

Course I didn't have many in-scale candy canes. You know by now, I was not going to make any. But I found some peppermint discs and propped them in the tree. Voila. Mission accomplished.

Sideshow Michelle Yeoh action figure

The fashionistas among you might want to know what I'm wearing. Well my "tunic" is a Barbie Fashion Fever dress over Get Set Club black knit flare slacks. Sigh. I thought its icy blue color with the delicate silver trim matched the tree. Oh and, heck, I confess. I wanted to wear something pretty in case [No]Angelus appeared. It would be nice to be pretty just once. But there's no magic potion to beautify this face.

D'oh. I digressed. Merry Christmas!