Monday, February 1, 2010

Sharp and Susie, Part I

Here's a photo of Sonokong's Leather Mania Sharp and R&D's Tokyo Trendy Susie. As I mentioned previously, I love Sharp's curly hair - even if it is a little sparse at the back - her over-sized but sleepy eyes, and that she seems to wear "white pancake" (thick liquid) foundation that contrasts with her pinkish complexion. She's the only Asian fashion doll that I have whose face contrasts vividly with her complexion. (Whoa, I need to check among my Momokos. Note to self.)

This Susie is the Tokyo Trendy Susie from The Premiere Collection. I bought her from R&D. Tokyo Trendy is from the February 2004 release Premiere Collection - 300 of the Tokyo Trendy Susie dolls were issued. This Susie is one of my favorites with her "candy apple red" hair and lovely green eyes.

There are similarities in Sharp's and Susie's bodies, but their faces contrast. Sharp seems more anime-influenced. Her head is larger (but not annoyingly so). Susie has a more realistic look and more natural head proportion. Both dolls wear "leather," but Sharp's suit is conservative while Susie's black buckled dress reflects the video game assignment she was hired to promote. If you click on the link for Tokyo Trendy Susie on the R&D Susie page, you can see additional photos of her.

I will submit a fuller review of Susie and possibly Sharp in future posts.

So in Style Sisters Chandra and Zahara at Target

I saw the So in Style Sisters Chandra and Zahara at Target, Plymouth Meeting, today. Trying to think if she looks different enough from Alvin Ailey Barbie. And if she does, get her in the Rocawear or the Sisters garb? Considering ....