Tuesday, April 2, 2013

VicTORI Spin Master Jade is Here!

Calling any Victorious doll fans.

Anyone recall last year when I mentioned the three additional dolls that were to have been a part of Spin Master's Victorious doll series? Cat, Jade, and Trina? I had not seen any of those dolls so I assumed that they were only available online. For exorbitant prices. Well, I was wrong. The dolls were seen at Walmart by another blogger in January 2012.

Well, I have just seen these dolls in Philly at Ross, Dress for Less stores. Cost? $5.99 each. Yes! So guess who had to get one of them: me. Which one? Jade. Why her? First, she is the only closed mouth doll in the series. Next, she reminds me of a young Elizabeth Taylor. And last, because she looks different from most of my other fashion dolls.

Okay, I know that at least one person is curious about how this doll compares to Spin Master's once popular Liv dolls. At least, I was - so one person, ha ha. So I took a few photos showing a Liv doll body of similar complexion to Jade.

Yes she is no where near as poseable as the Liv dolls, but we all knew that when we found that she only had articulated knees. Her shoulders and legs allow for wide open stances though. So that helps. But alas the no bend arms. Sigh.

Now many of you share my um dislike of bigger heads. And no denying this, Jade has a big head. But it is somewhat in proportion to her body. And I rather like her in spite of the biggish head. She reminds me a little of Azone's Belinda.

What do you think of her? You can see a few Toys R Us reviews.