Tuesday, August 26, 2014

National Dog Day 2014

Yes, August 26, 2014 is National Dog Day in the United States of America.

Those who celebrate this special day might volunteer at a local pet or throw a dog-themed party or donate funds. I am sharing this blog post in honor of the day. When I was a little girl, I wanted a dachshund. I thought it looked so cute. After a few encounters with loose street dogs, I changed my mind: dogs were not necessarily nice. They barked. They might bite. A cat was a better choice.

Then a neighbor had two kittens she had to give away. For half a day, my sisters and I had  those two kittens - a white long-haired who would be "Fluffy" and a black short-haired who would be "Barnabas." Our joy was short-lived. My Dad would not live with cats. He told my mother if the cats stayed, he would leave. He called my Grandmother to back him up. Sigh. Our mother pointed out that fathers paid bills so that we could eat; fathers outranked cats. No matter how adorable. So bye bye Fluffy and Barnabas.

Then I met Louie. And Louie is a keeper.

But I never ever had a dog.

However, I do have a few play scale dogs. They have not achieved the personality of Beauty over at Brini's Doll Domain, but they're loved by the dolls and/or action figure who keep them. Anyone recognize these four-legged friends?

Play scale dogs by Mattel, SpinMaster, JakksPacific, etc.

Moved them around. Recognize any breeds here?

This cutie is in the Bedroom Desk & Chair set from 2006.

If are interested in live dogs in photos, click this link. If you have time to click your way to a good deed, do not forget the Animal Rescue Site.

Remember to keep "cool" on this dog day of August: follow this guy's example

black short-haired cat stretching out in nap
Louie Cooper, all the "dog" I need