Friday, June 9, 2017

Five Dollar Wonder Woman - Whoo!

I got her, I got her!

Mattel 2017 Wonder Woman - Diana Prince in the blue gown. Yes, she can wear a sword in a hidden sheath in that gown. Where? Well, you can "hide" the sword in the back of her gown. Not the most practical location to put a dangerous weapon, I agree. But cool all the same. Now I would have preferred the bow-wielding doll for face screening and hairstyle, but when I saw that $5.00 sticker beneath the spot for the blue-gowned doll, I nabbed TWO. One to keep as she is; the other, to give another doll articulation. I mean, F-I-V-E dollars for an articulated doll with a SWORD. 

(I know nothing about swords, but I do like them as a doll or action figure accessory. Sigh. So romantic. Dramatic. I'll consider how to work a sword into a story later.) 

Where did I find this bargain? At a brick-and-mortar Walmart store. Online, she costs $14.97. So it saves to go to the physical store sometimes. 

Happy hunting and good luck!