Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Vampire Guy - He's Such a BRAT!

Toys R Us is having a sale. Among the items offered is a Bratz "Masquerade" Boyz. In case any fans of vampire dolls/action figures missed him, I am submitting this post. His name seems to be "Penn Vamp." Black hair - of course, lol - and big pale blue eyes.

Is he on my list? No, he has that big Bratz head.

Happy Viewing!

Introducing Everyday People and A Different Perspective on Collecting

 As a blogger and blog reader, I feel fortunate to have access to what I consider some of the best and the brightest of writers and writer-artisans. Yes, that's YOU. Aw, don't blush. I thank you for reading here and for sharing this hobby with me. I can count on my right hand, the number of people I can talk dolls and action figures to in my offline world. Right hand .... right index finger, lol. But hey, I turn on the computer, plug in the Clear modem, and bam! Kindred spirits galore.

I have added a new blog to my list, Everyday People that I hope you will visit and enjoy. The blogger there offers a different perspective on collecting dolls. To avoid prejudicing the audience in any way, I will not comment further. I have only one comment up so far - I confess, I am a little behind on blog reading as well as blog posting. That is, I read these posts - links provided below - but I have yet to comment on them. I DID get permission BEFORE adding these links.

Here's to yet another interesting, new blogger!

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