Thursday, May 8, 2014

Inspired by Muff's Spring Cleaning? More on Doll Collection Organizing

After reading Muff's post showing her Spring-cleaned doll collection, you may be gazing dreamily into the horizon. The mix of storage and display is a visual treat. Do you wonder what that would be like for your collection? Where to begin to make a dent in the piles of dolls, clothes, accessories, etc.? Then again, where does not matter. What matters is starting. Starting someplace and continuing until the collection is manageable and "right-sized." The reward will be in rediscovering your collection, in the tidy space, and in introducing new things. 

(Because collecting is active and cyclical. Stuff leaves; stuff enters. And so on and so on ....)

Anyway, I did some checking for more inspiration. 

(That checking might seem like an excuse to not work on my stuff now. Truly, it was not an excuse. Not only did I get additional ideas for organizing, I found stuff for my readers as well. See. Bet you forgot how generous I can be. LOL Riiiight.)

Ahem. Back to additional inspiration. Let's see, there is Andrea's post about maintaining balance in collecting. Longtime enthusiasts of playscale dolls and action figures may remember Andrea from the MenWithDolls board. Then SuperCoolDollHouse shares tips on reducing by removing the "not fabulous." And I even moved onto an interior decorating site, Apartment Therapy, that I noticed SuperCoolDollHouse had mentioned before. 

My favorite posts on that site are

Doll Collection Display - the comments may leave you laughing and retorting "My home, my castle"

Toys in the Home - see how others display their collections

Organizing How To - 10 ways to organize your collection

and there are many more relevant articles on that site. However, you - like I - we should not spend too much time ogling those photos. Noooo. Some of us still have some purging and selling to do. Wagging a reproachful finger at myself. (Never came across a "reproachful finger" - lucky you, ha ha.) 

Maybe I will start at the computer desk? Sigh. Bye bye.