Monday, November 23, 2009

Mattel Barbie Bond 007 Girls - Photo Link

George of Angelic Dreamz has photos of the Black Label Barbie Bond Girls at Angelic Dreamz. These three dolls will be available this December - and for $34.95 EACH:

* Bond Girl Dr. No Honey Ryder (actress, Ursula Andress)

* Bond Girl Goldfinger Pussy Galore (actress, Honor Blackman)

* Bond Girl Die Another Day Jinx (actress, Halle Berry)

I'm not a Bond fan - the Bond movies are fun and pleasantly ridiculous, ranking as a B or a C movie choice - so I could take or leave dolls based on the Bond franchise. However, the strong resemblances of the dolls to the actresses might prove the "take" for me. Sometimes Mattel gets a good likeness.

Check this link for more information about Bond girls.

Wonder if a series of Bond Kens is in the works. Now that would be exciting. Too ;-D.