Monday, September 5, 2011

Update on Stardolls by Barbie - Mattel's New Winner

Okay it's a lazy holiday afternoon, and I'm online - yay, Clear account - when I notice an email message from Robin of Roville. Yes, I do associate with cool DAF people - you know who you are, no finger pointing here, lol. Anyway, she's curious about a potential doll line called "Stardolls by Barbie." Now that's what I think of as a call to action. So I pull up Google to search the terms, Barbie, 2012, and Stardolls. Initial link haul doesn't seem promising, but then I hit the mother lode of tips in a Flickr account. Wahh hoo!

Here we go:

Stardolls, self-described as "the world's largest online fashion and dress up games community for girls," has signed a deal with Mattel to produce a Stardolls by Barbie line. Now I see why Mattel is dropping the Basics - although I still LOVE some of the Basics - these new dolls look promising. Stardolls had done some promoting for other Barbie lines so this new Stardoll-Barbie collaboration is a natural progression.

Dancing, dancing, DANCING - sorry, that's me.

Thanks also to Tru_Fashionista_luv on Flickr, mighty Mattel, and Stardolls!

Come on 2012!

Additional news from Robin and Frannie about the Stardolls. Cheryl's Dolls and Collectibles will be carrying these dolls for $29.95. Thanks, Robin!