Friday, September 5, 2014

Seen at Target: Playscale Ice Cream Bike

There's a new playscale cycle in town: the Moxie Girlz have an Ice Cream Bike. The bike is a bright and light blue; the ice cream cart before it is - you guessed it, pale pink. The cold storage area holds the extra ice cream scoops and doll dollar bills. (Not sanitary, I would think, but I suppose more finicky people can give Sophina a money belt to use instead.) The actual ice cream cones are set out along the front and top of the storage area. (Also not sanitary, sigh.)

What interests me about this playset is that this Moxie Girlz, Sophina, has JOINTED KNEES! Yes, a partially articulated Moxie Girlz body. My first thought was "new body donor." Which young teen head would fit on that body? Then the price registered: $34.99. Okay, the ice cream bike plays music, and the doll is articulated. But $34.99 - before taxes? Not likely. There are three dolls I could get for that same money. Wait for clearance.

Want to see this bike in action? Check this review from a young collector.