Thursday, October 30, 2008

Taylor Swift Doll at

The new Taylor Swift fashion dolls are shown online here:

Taylor Swift doll

The doll of the young country music singer costs $14.96. From the online photos, the same smiling doll appears wearing your choice of one of three outfits from the singer's "real life" wardrobe. The outfits are cute -- a white or light blue eyelet sundress, a red-white horizontal striped fitted mini dress with attached hoodie, a fuchsia halter dress, and a gold sequined mini dress with a separate pale gold full skirt to make the mini dress, evening wear. I like the gold cowboy boots and the gold heels. I can't see what kind of footwear she has with the fuchsia dress because it blends in with her opaque black stockings.

The doll herself is fairly attractive. Her head is a little large the way character dolls can be -- maybe the doll designers need more space to model realistic features? -- but her head isn't as large as the Gwen Stefani dolls or the Ashley Tisdale dolls. I've seen those two dolls at Toys R Us.

If you check Google and hit the Shopping option, you'll find Taylor Swift Performance Collection Singing Dolls. These dolls are available on eBay. They wear formal gowns and carry guitars.

I'll have to add at least one Taylor Swift doll to my collection.

Alvin Ailey Barbie at Target in Springfield

The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Barbie was at the Target on Baltimore Avenue, Springfield. This is the first time I have seen the actual doll. Very long and thick eyelashes. It looks as though she is set in an arched back dance pose, which is pretty enough although I would prefer a doll that can be adjusted to different positions. Then again, she might be simply posed and easily posed in other -- less dramatic positions -- but I could not tell. I'll wait to hear from others or to see her deboxed elsewhere.