Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Power Team Guy - Combat Engineer at Big Lots!

Big Lots! Norristown. I was only going to look, but when I saw this guy, I had to have him.

Meet the Power Team Elite World Peacekeepers Combat Engineer!

Here's a close up of his face. Notice the elegant flare to his nostrils. What a classy sculpting job and for $10!

and here's the full length view in his box.

I don't recall seeing this figure before, but that doesn't mean that he was never there before. New or old though, he's new to me. I'm happy.

Toys R Us and Moxie Price Discrepancy

Toys R Us has the Moxie Girls Art-Titude dolls for sale ... EXCEPT Sasha. Please read this post from DBG of Black Doll Collecting blog:

Moxie price

The Toys R Us contact number is 1-800-Toys R Us or 1-800-869-7787.

Thanks for your time and attention.