Sunday, June 1, 2014

Jumping Jamming Jiving June 2014

We had a flash mob in East Philly today. See the photos below and read the transcript of the comments that were a.) understandable and b.) safe for young ears.

Male Dolls and Action Figures Celebrate

Transcript: Whooo hhhhooo! 'Bout time! Our turn, baby! Let the dudes out! It's a man's world ... Yo bro! Yahoo! Sports, we want sports! Papa's got a brand new bag. Rock 'n roll.


Otherwise, June first was a lovely day. A lot warmer than May first, but still a sunny day. Will I address any topics this month - besides the ones overdue from last month? (Like the rest of my Asian American dolls and action figure lists and photos and some other themes from May. No, I am not giving them up until next year.) You bet. These are some June themes that I might merge with doll and action figure posts:

National Caribbean-American Heritage Month

Entrepreneurs "Do It Yourself" Marketing Month

Father's Day

Gay Pride Month

and not least of these tributes:  International Men's Month

I will share dolls and/or action figures that fit these themes. If you have relevant links - dolls or figures that match, let me know. I'll include your website if the figures are playscale and the site is "work safe."