Sunday, November 13, 2011

More Stardolls News

Stardolls have landed on online!

Unfortunately, they seem to be out of stock. Pout. But you can see photos of several dolls in this new Barbie line. Grin.

Okay, I have GOT to do some selling and purging. Must, must, must!

Sixth scale Sneaker Photo Inspired by Alex's Posts

Sneakers are popular footwear for my playscale crew. Whether plastic or cloth, sneakers come in all sizes and different colors. See the photo above ... sneakers, sneakers, and MORE sneakers.

Toy blogger and toy collector, Alex aka @lex of Toyhaven wrote two posts about some incredible playscale sneakers. Footwear so well-crafted, you might think that they were created for full scale humans. You can check that footwear out here on canvas shoe and adidas links.