Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yet Another Red Mini Cooper Anyone? Canada 2002

First, I see a cool car on Vanessa's blog. Then I see Suwi's got some cars on her blog. Whoa and among them, Suwi's got a Sindy car similar to one of mine. I'm oooohhhing and aaahhhhing then I think: hey, this is a mini surge here. So here is my contribution to the red Mini Cooper surge.

Look who will be at the wheel ... she's R&D's Susie. San Francisco Days Susie from March 2004.

That's Susie's portfolio on the car hood. (Note my car does NOT have the Union Jack flag on top.) Don't worry, she will put it inside the car. She has a matching black pebbled hide over nighter that she wants to put in the car first.

Susie shifts to adjust her seat belt. Had she left something in the seat? One of the other Susies seems to have left a sewing kit on the seat. That's no fun.

Susie sinks back for a few minutes. Wait til she sees the others. Sewing kit on the driver's seat of her car. Hrmph!

I'll post additional photos of the Canadian mini Cooper soon.

Selling DAFs at The Doll Page

am photographing and uploading stuff to put on The Doll Page Show and Sell website. I have had good luck there so that's where my things will go.

What am I putting out now? Nine Smartees books, Cordelia from BtVS and Angel fame, Nadja and Colette from NuFace (Integrity Fashion Royalty), loose furniture, heads and bodies (coming), various nude or boxed dolls, Halloween Kellys (coming), two Susies, Maxie's friend Kristen, nude Lucy and Ethel, etc.

Thanks for listening and for any future visits.