Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Young Sweethearts Wishing Well Park - Parts

You can see additional photos of the Young Sweethearts' Wishing Well Park in my Webshots folder titled Mattel Playsets.

Additional items I would use to extend and to improve this playset are 1 or 2 "grass" mats for flooring, at least two 20" tall "park" backdrops (photos of a park) that would look better than the current backdrop of other dolls draped across boxes, etc, and additional "trees." Perhaps the Young Sweethearts tree is a fake tree amongst some "real" ones. Perhaps? Ha. Okay, it definitely is a fake tree. Perhaps I could cover some empty Mattel Fashion Fever tubes with papier-mâché to simulate tree bark? What to do for lower branches though? Need to consider it.

Any thoughts or additional ideas for the Park? Let me know.