Monday, February 22, 2010

Shades of Black, Part Three: Integrity Male Complexions

Meet Tariq (left) and Jordan (right), Integrity playine dolls. These are the only versions of these doll characters that I have so I cannot show the color range of their complexions from my collection.

However, by grace of the wonderful Internet Wayback Machine, I found a site showing breathtaking photos of Tariq taken by a doll dealer. Behold, Tariq in various shades of brown from light reddish brown to dark brown: the wave titles are African Legends, Ancient Legends, Fashion Insider, and Icons. (Note: you can see the other Integrity Janay and friends available in 2004 here as well.)

I *think* that there was some complexion variation for Jordan as well, but Jordan is a much trickier character. Why? I think that he was taken/removed/transferred? from the Integrity playline to become Mikelman's Dominic doll. BUT that's a story for another post.