Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Signing Off 2008 -- Happy New Year, 2009

It's nearly 11AM, and I am signing off.

Happy New Year all. Happy Collecting and more fun activities in 2009.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Native American DAFs -- Hey Toby!

I received Kocoum from Disney's Pocahontas from the Jim Faraone Special Auction -- thanks Toby! Toby and I were talking about Native American dolls and action figures. I've only got FOUR Native American figures. Wow. Talk about under-representation. I am not doing a count to see that I have an equal amount of every race or ethnicity, but I am surprised that the number of Native Americans is so small.

Here the East Philadelphians (my crew) meet Kocoum:

Here's a full front view of Dragon Ben Yahzee (Adam Beach), YNU Group Mixis Emerald, Mattel Eskimo Barbie, and Mattel Disney Kocoum.

I am submitting larger files here at a medium setting to see if my photos will look better. Hope it won't take too long to upload.

Kocoum is now officially an East Philadelphian!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Photographing DAFs

I think that my photos and uploaded photos need more work. I'm using a Kodak EasyShare CX7300. I'm going to check the booklet that came with the camera and read up on digital photography.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Red Allan and Wolf Barbie

I want to see if this photo will look better here than it does on The Vinyl Lounge:

Yes, it does. I was able to save it larger. Hmm ....

Dolls Received Friday, December 19, 2008

Here are the photos of the five dolls I received yesterday:

The Southwest Stewardess doll from Daron:

The AKA Centennial Barbie from Mattel:

Sunset Edition Emerald from YNU Group:

Sunset Edition Opal with Curly Wig from YNU Group:

Sunset Edition Rosa from YNU Group:

The AKA Centennial Barbie is breathtakingly beautiful; same head mold as the Jazz Diva Barbie, but with a lighter complexion, streaked hair, and less dramatic make-up. I could have done without the glitter on her eyelids and mouth, but she's so exquisitely rendered. Mattel at their best.

The Daron stewardess doll reminds me of Maddie Mod dolls from the late 1960s and early 1970s. Round-faced, dimple-cheeked cute doll. Her outfit is nicely tailored. She seems a decent quality doll. Still ... I like her face. I am glad to have her.

The Mixis dolls. Well I can scarcely speak glowingly enough about the Mixis dolls. Emerald and Rosa resemble the Limited Edition Emerald and Rosa that I have. But the Sunset Opal with Cap wig -- wow! This version of Opal lights up.

First, the cap wig seems to be a permanently attached wig rather than the doll having a rooted scalp. I prefer rooted hair (from scalp) dolls, but the wig here doesn't scream, wig, so it's okay. Then the lighter blonde color and the frizzier, coarser/curly hair with the center part become this doll's face more than the straight-haired version. And the makeup on this Opal seems sharper, more distinct.

All in all, five new treasures in the DAF community.

Friday, December 19, 2008

New Dolls Received Today!

Today I picked up my package from USPS AND I received two packages from UPS. Such richness in one day is unusual, even for me.

I got the three Mixis dolls I had ordered from Nicennecessary. Will post photos tommorrow.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Mixis Fashions -- Indian and Red Vest

On the Mixis website, there are two NEW fashions. Here are the links for those fashions:

Indian outfit


Denim - Red Vest

The Indian outfit has a red-multi print gown with a gold-brown mustard stole and gold slippers. The Denim outfit has a cropped medium blue denim jacket with pre-set rolled up sleeves and jean legs rolled up to the knee. The denim outfit also includes some red-white gingham sneakers/espadrilles.

Wow, wow, wow.

Great Service from Wizard Entertainment

I placed an order for a 12" Final Fantasy Movie Ryan Whittaker Action Figure (ToyFare Exclusive) from Wizard Entertainment on Sunday and got the figure -- securely boxed and accompanied by a Toy Wishes magazine AND a comic book -- today. I had only ordered the ONE figure and he was on sale, $6.99 before postage at that. Now that is what I consider excellent customer service. Wizard Entertainment will get more orders from me.

The URL for Wizard Entertainment is

In addition to 12" action figures, they also sell dolls and other toys.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2008 Dolls by Month - March

March 2008 brought in three action figures and two Barbies. I bought three figures in the Battlestar Galactica, Original Series line - Commander Adama, Captain Apollo, and Lieutenant Starbuck from an online dealer. Glitter Games Teresa, I found in a Kmart store. Jazz Baby Cabaret Dancer Barbie, I bought from Angelic Dreamz.

Of the three action figures, I like Commander Adama best. Apollo and Starbuck - I don't care for their faces and I haven't "warmed to" so I'm going to keep their nifty suede jackets and their tan pants and see if I can sell the guys nude. I'm having difficulty removing their boots so I need to contact someone at one of the action figure boards - probably Men With Dolls - about HOW to remove the boots, if I will need to cut/destroy the boots to remove them.

Glitter Games Teresa has a pretty, innocent look. I don't usually like dolls using this new head mold, but this issue looks very attractive.

Jazz Baby Cabaret Dancer Barbie has the pivotal, posable body. I like her smoky, sultry face and her lean, toned build. Interestingly, she makes Teresa look almost plump. I like variety in the sizes and shapes of my figures - except for oversized heads or disproportionate limbs - so I don't mind. She'll be able to share clothes with the Barbie Fashion Model series.

Photo time ...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

National Wholesale Liquidators - Going Out of Business

"Another one bites the dust ...."

National Wholesale Liquidators is going out of business. On the plus side, their toys are selling for 40% off the marked price. The Glitter Games Barbie, Glitter Games Teresa, and seemingly endless Playmates everGirl dolls marked or priced as $9.99 are going for nearly HALF that amount. There are also several Kellys, some of those basic ballerina Barbies, and a slew of cheap fashion dolls. I bought a Glitter Games Barbie, a Black everGirl who has better face screening than the one I bought previously, two Kellys (one with hot pink streaks; the other with black hair), and two Kelly ladybug-themed outfit sets.

On the minus side, there goes another source for reasonably priced fashion dolls and accessories. I bought some nice dolls there over the years. Sigh. Pause for a moment's contemplation.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Special Auction for Jim Faraone/Hooray For Auction Fever

New project: gathering dolls and items for the special auction for Jim Faraone, doll artist, author and organizer of the IFDC or International Fashion Doll Convention. Collectors are donating or donating percentage of the sale of their dolls to help Mr. Faraone's medical bills.

Here is a message from Larraine of the Auctionfever Yahoo Group:

By now most of you have heard about Jim Faraone's(IFDC) Medical
problems and the huge($90,000) bill he has incurred.

Denise called me and asked if I could do a special charity auction
will all proceeds to Jim and I agreed.

So the auction will be Dec. 13 to 16. You will bid as normal, but all
payments will be made to me through Paypal. Sellers will ship
directly to you. Some sellers are offering free shipping and all
sellers are giving special prices for this auction.

So come on folks help out a friend and let's sell it ALL!!!

Please visit my site at:
Tired of eBay, join us at Auction Fever:


Now I have been thinking about reducing my collection so this request comes at the best of times. Just need to get my descriptions and prices and photos uploaded BEFORE this Friday.

2008 Dolls by Month Update

The 2008 Dolls by Month Photo entries will continue after I have located some missing dolls. The doll/action figure purchase months in 2008 are January, February, March, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December. There will be no entries for April or May.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

2008 Dolls by Month - February

February was a slow month: only two Barbies and two Momokos. The dolls are Mattel's Top Model Nikki and Top Model Nikki Hair Wear and Sekiguchi's Go for Victory Momoko and Sweet Poodle Momoko both from the Winter 2006 line up.

2008 Dolls by Month - January

To close out the 2008 doll and action figure buying year, I'll post a photo or two of the dolls bought/received this year by month. The first new doll of 2008 was Sekiguchi's Wake Up Momoko 2 or Daphne (her East Philly name).

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Value City (Cheltenham Avenue) Closing Sale

The Value City Department Store on Cheltenham Avenue is closing. Barbie dolls that are on sale -- 30% off -- include:

Top Model Barbie, Summer, and Teresa -- the Resort and the Hair Wear issues
Mary Poppins, Bert, Jane and Michael
Titanic Barbie
Festivals of the World Barbie -- Irish Dance

I got the Bert doll. Out of the ice cream man suit - white pants, white shirt, orange-red stripes on white jacket, sky blue socks and white plastic loafers -- he could be a jolly school principal. I'll save the suit for a character playing an ice cream man.

Well. I'm not crying. In spite of the dirgy holiday songs that played while I shopped. (Dirgy music is any holiday song by Robert Goulet, Harry Connick Jr., that -- shudder -- sound.) I got some great deals at this Value City store over the years from the White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor doll at $9.99 to the elusive Flavas Awards series (Tre and Liam who came with wigs!) at $3.99 each. It is sad to see this store close. Especially since the K B Toys in the Cheltenham Square Mall closed a few years ago. So the only toy spot in that immediate area is Burlington Coat Factory.

Target will be coming to the Cheltenham Square Mall. Now Target does have a toy department, but I don't think that they would ever have anything like the Flavas Awards dolls. So I'll miss Value City for that. Thanks Value City.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Liberating the Masses or the Power Team

I've opened all of my Power Team guys except Farmer Miles (aka the World Peacekeepers Trailwalker with donkey) and one guy I might not keep. I love their realistic faces and their poseable bodies. I'll take more photos of them tomorrow; not enough time to do more than trot out this one:

Technorati Profile

Technorati Profile

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

!!! Mixis Clearance at Nice n Necessary !!!

The Mixis dolls are on clearance sale for $37.49 CDN + shipping each doll at Nice N Necessary ( ). You can place an order online if you are shipping within Canada. If you would like to order from outside Canada, please contact Jackie Norman at for shipping information.

I have the Limited Edition Emerald, Opal, and Rosa and the Sunset Houda, but I would like to add the Sunset Opal with curly hair and possibly the Sunset Emerald and Sunset Rosa because the Sunset dolls have the jointed arms and prettier torso. Ms. Norman's comment about these dolls is available at

Good luck!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Harley Davidson Barbie 2009

Mattel -- you gotta stop doing this to me, to the doll collecting public.

New Harley Davidson Barbie shown at the photo link below from Maddie's Dolls in Canada:

Although on second thought, I have a few Fashion Fever dolls that resemble this one. Their hair isn't quite so "big," but the face screening is close. Not sure if I like the pink chaps either. Hmmmm ....

Slim Tan Aoshima Received!

The Slim Tan Aoshima or Lady's Mission Basic Infantry doll has joined my doll and action figure group. I haven't removed her from the box yet -- want to get photos of her in-box AND out -- but I like her face screening and her coloring. The jeans jacket and pants are cute, too. Wonder if they will fit my Perfect Body women or the Get Sets or the Mixis?

Bargains at Target - Alvin Ailey Barbie and Catwoman Kelly

I followed a tip submitted by two posters at the Pink Parlor about a sale at Target. The Grease Barbies, the Alvin Ailey Barbie, and the Catwoman Kelly/Batman Tommy dolls were on sale at $17.48 for each Barbie and 7.00 for the Kelly set. I found the Alvin Ailey Barbie for $17.47 and the Kelly set for $7.47 at the Springfield Target.

Here's the link for Pink Parlor:

I'd wanted both the Alvin Ailey Barbie AND the Kelly set, but I thought I would wait until the prices were reduced -- oh just a little. Lucked out at those prices. Got one set each.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

No 12" Power Team Figures at Sears Cottman Avenue

Yesterday, I went to the Sears at Cottman Avenue. Sometimes Sears/KB Toys sell 12" Power Team action figures produced by M & C Toys. Alas, no 12" action figures that day.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Gothic Girl Tribute to R&D and Dal -- Thanks!

Did some America's Next Top Model inspired photos of the R&D Gothic Girl Momoko that a Momoko collector - hey Dal! - sold to me earlier this year. I have wanted this doll for years, but I was put off by the froo froo outfit. Saw some online photos of her redressed - yes, that is a common problem, these online photos from other collectors LOL - and decided I had to get her. Bad economy or not. Sigh. So I bought her.

Now that I have her, I love the outfit. It is a clever reworking of the geisha robes done in white eyelet and trimmed with lace. I hate the platform boots though. They remind me of the scene in "Memoirs of a Geisha" where the young protagonist (don't recall if she was a geisha at that point in the story) wore these horribly high heeled gei sandals (?) and staggered on stage. (I've loathed high heels since I was a too-tall teenager. Shudder.) I mean, stylistically, the boots "work" with the outfit. It's my dislike of high heels that brings about that reaction to the boots.

Here are my photos. The light kept reflecting off the glass, but I thought it looked neat, if I considered the light as her adversary. (Please note: not referring to any spiritual issue here.)

Mixis Update and Redressed Photos

I visited the Mixis store today. The web site has been updated to include a FAQ page. More dolls will be coming in 2009 and -- I am over-the-top-gleeful at this news -- there will be dioramas, furniture, and BOYS. Multi-ethnic boys. I have to send this information to Jef and my Yahoo Groups. I have to send this everywhere! Multi-ethnic BOYS um MEN. Whhooo hooo!!!

Usually, I get my ethnic guys from the action figure lines: Dragon, Hot Toys, MC Toys. I feel lucky to get them. They usually wear military gear, but sometimes you can find them in casual wear or in suits. Sigh. Action figure collectors often lament Ken fashions - oh, heck, so do I sometimes. I mean pink and lavender ... bleh! I wouldn't wear lavender.

But multi-ethnic guys outside of the Bratz line (the no-noses and big heads) ... wow! I can't wait. Upon reflection, I can -- need time to hoard funds for those guys. And anticipation can be delicious.

Four [ethnic] inspired outfits are shown: Chinese, Japanese, Central American, and a new one - Denim Pink Vest. The Chinese and the Central American outfits are must gets for me: I like the reds and the styles. Emerald models the wine red Chinese outfit (tunic and knickers) while Rosa models the Central American outfit (white peasant blouse and true red circle skirt). The Japanese outfit doesn't particularly work for me, possibly because I don't care for pastel florals. (Shrug.) It is a modified kimono dress with modified gei sandals. However, the Denim Pink Vest has these absolutely adorable pink suede fur-topped boots. Nothing I would wear, but the sort of thing you would buy for your teenage daughter or niece or admire on an exuberant person. Kicky-cute. The light blue denim jacket and mini skirt - modeled by Houda - are also cute, attractive casual wear.

Since I couldn't get my hands on new outfits or new dolls, I had fun with my current Mixis crew. It's a cold day in Philly so I found outerwear for my first three and a new outfit altogether for Houda. (Hey, she'd freeze in this weather wearing her cotton sundress!) Rosa borrowed a red Get Real Girl jacket, Emerald borrowed Aaron Carter's denim jacket, and Opal borrowed a Toys R Us Exclusive Barbie coat from 2001. Houda borrowed a red Get Real Girl tee shirt, a Get Real Girl denim jacket, and Get Set Isabella's black knit pants. (Those black knit pants fit the Bbi Perfect Body figures as well.)

Note: the Mixis dolls don't fit the Barbie pants. The Get Real Girls' pants don't quite fit either. The Mixis dolls have wider hips. If I were to make a pants pattern for them, I would use the Get Set pants or Opal's pants.

The Mixis store web address is .

Thanks, Debbie Goodland and the YNU Group Team!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mixis Reviews on

Yesterday, I added reviews for Mixis Emerald and Mixis Houda to their entries on

The more I look at these dolls, the more I like them. I'm thinking of deboxing the Get Real Girl outfits I have so that they can wear more suitable -- late fall -- outfits. I might also borrow from the I-Girls dolls. The Mixis outfits are online, but I won't be able to get them for some time.

Maybe I'll add extra photos to the entries for the Mixis dolls that I have ....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Emerald and Houda Arrive -- New Mixis Photos

Emerald and Houda of the Mixis have joined the East Philly Doll and Action Figure Zone!

Here are photos of the new ladies and their fellow Mixis, Opal and Rosa:

First, Emerald and Houda in their boxes.

Next, the back of the world-map themed box liner:

The Mixis are packaged similar to the Fashion Royalty dolls in that they are tied to their boxes by ribbons and the clothes are loosely "sewn" down. There are NO doll heads attached to the boxes by plastic tags. The plastic harpooning of doll heads annoys me. Won't go into that nightmare here.

Finally, a group shot of all the Mixis that I have to date.

I love their individual looks. And noses! They have noses with bridges!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Now or Never Moment: Slim Tan Aoshima on Sale

The Internet is a wonderful, terrible thing.

I was checking the Men with Dolls board under the Price Police section. Moan. Oh, why did I do that? But it was good, darn great that I did. A fellow collector wrote that Hobby Link Japan has the Aoshima 07494 New Slim Body Type B (the tan ginger haired one wearing a jeans outfit) on sale. This doll has been a Grail doll since I bought the Action Figures book showing the CyGirl/Cool Girls and the Aoshima/Skynet figures. If ever I were to get her, I would have expected to pay through the nose for her. Fortunately, I can "just" get her. I shouldn't at this time, but how often would I see her for sale like this?

"The Men With Dolls Messageboard is dedicated to 1/6th female figures of all kinds. Of particular interest are the Cool/CY Girls made by Blue Box Toys and Takara JAPAN." The link to that message board is

I've picked up sales tips and kitbashing notes and read many fascinating diorama stories and seen incredible doll and action figure kitbashes since I joined that board in June of 2002.

I should note though that the Men with Dolls board can have nude dolls and action figures and that there are "adult" stories and photos in the board.

Rebelde Diego and Roberta -- Photos

Below are photos of the long-awaited Diego and Roberta set.

Body Comparison - G5 Isabella, Mixis Rosa, Juliet (Barbie)

This photograph shows Get Set Isabella, Mixis Rosa, and Mattel Barbie as Juliet in form-fitting outfits to compare their bodies:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eeeeeeekkkk and Jumping Up and Down

At last -- found the Diego and Roberta set I had been seeking for months. Gotcha. He's all mine, he's all mine, mine, mine. The doll, of course, not the real actor-singer playing the Diego part. The doll Diego doesn't strongly resemble the actor-singer Diego. Shrug. The doll Diego is still a new cute male so he's welcome.

The Roberta doll in this set seems to resemble the actor-singer playing the Roberta part more than the other dolls I have. Her right hand seems to have lifted to touch Diego's left hand. Awwww .... Maybe I should leave them "together?"

Note: check to see if the other RBD couples touch hands. I don't think that they do or did.

Where did I find my new dynamic duo? Norristown Walmart. This wonderful Walmart also had the other RBD sets: Miguel and Mia and Giovanni and Lupita.

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Prince in Kelly Line

New guy in town: Prince in the Kelly -- Barbie's Little Sister -- line. He's got brown rooted hair with a side-part and gray-blue eyes. He wears a white satin shirt and black pants. There's a red velvet ribbon draped across his chest and a silver sash at his waist.

Then again, this new charmer might not be so new after all. His box is dated 2005. I don't recall seeing him online although he might have made an appearance on one of the Kelly-focused groups.

I found this prince at the Conway's on 69th Street, in Upper Darby.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Mixis Dolls Coming -- Emerald and Houda

I placed an order for the Limited Edition Emerald and the Sunset Edition Houda from Gile Toys online. I have two words for my excuse: free shipping. Emerald has black "leather" boots like Rosa's brown ones. Houda has espadrilles and a purse.

I don't want this exciting doll series to close out without me having the dolls and the outfits I want. I lost out on the G-Five series, and they were local. Sigh. No, hooray! Two more Mixis!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Integrity Moods Doll Information

Happy News!

I got the balance bill for the FR Moods Collection 2008 Body Double Veronique doll! Submitted that payment and now am waiting for her. She'll be my first Veronique!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Photos

Rosa and Opal badger Hassan to wear a Superman costume while two Halloween Kellys add their pleas.

Brenda and Patience review the Halloween schedule in the presence of some of the youthful revellers.

Brenda is a Bbi Perfect Body African American Action figure while Patience is a Antique Dreaming Momoko. Brenda wears a pullover borrowed from Hasbro's Ashley (Maxie) and pull-on pants borrowed from G-Five's Isabella. Patience wears her original Momoko fashion.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Taylor Swift Doll at

The new Taylor Swift fashion dolls are shown online here:

Taylor Swift doll

The doll of the young country music singer costs $14.96. From the online photos, the same smiling doll appears wearing your choice of one of three outfits from the singer's "real life" wardrobe. The outfits are cute -- a white or light blue eyelet sundress, a red-white horizontal striped fitted mini dress with attached hoodie, a fuchsia halter dress, and a gold sequined mini dress with a separate pale gold full skirt to make the mini dress, evening wear. I like the gold cowboy boots and the gold heels. I can't see what kind of footwear she has with the fuchsia dress because it blends in with her opaque black stockings.

The doll herself is fairly attractive. Her head is a little large the way character dolls can be -- maybe the doll designers need more space to model realistic features? -- but her head isn't as large as the Gwen Stefani dolls or the Ashley Tisdale dolls. I've seen those two dolls at Toys R Us.

If you check Google and hit the Shopping option, you'll find Taylor Swift Performance Collection Singing Dolls. These dolls are available on eBay. They wear formal gowns and carry guitars.

I'll have to add at least one Taylor Swift doll to my collection.

Alvin Ailey Barbie at Target in Springfield

The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Barbie was at the Target on Baltimore Avenue, Springfield. This is the first time I have seen the actual doll. Very long and thick eyelashes. It looks as though she is set in an arched back dance pose, which is pretty enough although I would prefer a doll that can be adjusted to different positions. Then again, she might be simply posed and easily posed in other -- less dramatic positions -- but I could not tell. I'll wait to hear from others or to see her deboxed elsewhere.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Surprise Find at Valu-Plus, 52nd & Market Sts.

A Valu-Plus store had five Integrity Studio It playline dolls, one of the last Janay series. Three of the Janay dolls, I have in my collection already; the two Alysas were new to me. So I bought an extra Janay and the two Alyssa dolls. I call this a surprise find because

a. I had not seen any Janay series for at least a year

b. these dolls were outside Wal-Mart and/or a specialty doll dealer and

c. the dolls cost $4.00 EACH, which is half what the original cost was for this series.

Below are photos of the Janay with the Alysa head mold and two Alysas* as well as a photo of the back of the box:

Corrected - all 3 of these head molds are the last Alysa head molds. Including the dark complected one with the Janay wrist tag.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Three Versions of Mixis Opal

Thus far, there are two versions of three of the Mixis dolls: Emerald, Opal, and Rosa. The Sunset Edition Dolls wear sundresses and lace-up espadrilles and are priced around $49.95; the Limited Edition Dolls wear a cotton tank top, jeans or jeans skirt, and cropped bodice sweater and are priced around $59.95. Actually, on the Mixis web page -- -- there are THREE Opals: one Limited Edition Doll and TWO Sunset Edition Dolls, one with curly hair, the other with straight hair.

Aside: a photo that could be Houda in a denim jacket and denim mini skirt can be seen on this web page:

However, I haven't seen a Houda in the Limited Edition jeans outfit for sale. On that same web page, there is mention of other Mixis dolls: Amber, Amethyst, Coral, Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz and Turquoise. Eight new dolls. Possibly, one of those doll can be seen with Rosa in the Mixis logo shown on this web page:

Wow doesn't suffice.

Exciting News -- Mixis Webpage Updated!

The website for the Mixis Dolls now shows not only the four dolls -- Emerald, Houda, Opal, and Rosa -- but OUTFITS for them. There are nine ethnic-themed outfits that can be seen on this web page:

Some of the outfits have kitten-heeled slippers, moccasins, or platform shoes. I don't usually moan over shoes -- I don't care much about my own shoes as long as they are comfortable and vaguely attractive -- but these shoes appear to be miniature art. Rosa's zip up boots and Opal's slip on pumps wow me. My photos shown in a previous entry don't do these pieces full justice. They resemble the Fashion Royalty shoes except that they are more everyday fashion than couture fashion.

I am almost loathe to report these outfits because I am afraid that they would be bought out BEFORE I can get back to hobby purchasing. But YNU Group CANNOT go out of business. Not before I buy at least one of each outfit and ALL of the dolls. That is selfish of me, I confess, but wow, what wonderful, delightful creations.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Bound Collection in Photos

I've got some photos of my doll/action figure/computer/pet room or of the bound collection. The collection will have achieved unbound or free status once ALL dolls and action figures and 1:6 scale pets have been liberated from their boxes.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kitbashing Idea

My eyes went from the High School Musical 3 Ryan and Kelsie Prom Date set to a When I Read, I Dream Heidi head that I have partially on a Teen Skipper body. The Kelsie head does look a little large on her roughly 10" body. Maybe the Heidi head can go on that body and the Kelsie head can go on the 11" Teen Skipper body. The complexion seems to match -- from where I sit.

Oh, no, it won't do. Heidi is very pale while Kelsie is pinkish. Ah ... but just as one idea bites the dust, another rises. Maybe the Queen of Hearts body could be used for Heidi -- nah. The Queen body looks bigger than I want for the Heidi head. Shrug.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mixis Revisited -- Dolls and Boot Photos

Here are some photos of the Mixis dolls I mentioned previously, Opal and Rosa, as well as Rosa's fabulous boots.

Lukas and Scottie Play Basketball

Nu Face Lukas and Scottie Pippin are the tallest guys in my doll and action figure community. They're both 13" tall. Here they are in an impromptu basketball game -- Lucas isn't properly dressed. (He's in his fashion jeans, his black ruffled shirt, and dress socks.) Lukas will need some more casual clothes to avoid ruining his wardrobe AND to avoid injuries. Shouldn't play in dress socks -- tsk, tsk.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Photos of the High School Musical 3 Dolls

Here are photos of the two Prom Night sets and the one Graduation Day doll that I bought:

I'll post another photo when I debox them. I'll get Chad without that shine on his face.

Rebelde School Sets -- No Further Sighting

I asked about the Rebelde School Sets at two Walmarts. No one knew what I was talking about. Not at the South Philly branch where I found Giovanni and Lupita; not at the Roosevelt Boulevard one either.

What's a collector to do?

Spread the query further. I can contact local collectors and collector groups. I can write to other message boards. I could call the branches although calling is less effective in this instance. A store could have an item, but that item could be sold BEFORE I reach the store or it could be misplaced in the store. Then again, the person answering the phone may or may NOT look for the item I request. Shrug. Maybe closer to the holidays? Maybe.

In the meantime, I have other dolls and action figures to get. I placed an order for a nude U.S. Army Ranger 75th Regiment from Hot Toys - this one looks like a better looking Terrence Howard -- as well as two Fashion Royalty dolls and the AKA Centennial Barbie on backorder with Mattel Collectibles. Still, I miss NOT having Diego. (I have Roberta in her concert outfit.)

High School Musical 3: Prom Date Dolls at Walmart

Very pleased to have found the High School Musical 3 Senior Year: Prom Date dolls at a Walmart on Roosevelt Boulevard -- the one at Tower Boulevard. I saw and bought

Ryan and Kelsie
Sharpay and Zeke

Ryan wears a peach three piece suit with a white collar, black sparkly tie, black top hat, and black oxford shoes. Kelsie wears a cream sleeveless dress with peach floral overdress and peach gladiator platform sandals.

Sharpay wears a fuchsia sleeveless satin dress with silver trim at the bodice and the waist and semi-sheer fuchsia glitter kitten heeled pumps. Zeke wears a black satin jacket with tails, white shirt, black string tie, charcoal pants, and black oxford shoes.

At first, I was NOT going to get the Ryan set because I thought the peach suit would be too froo froo. But seeing the suit on the doll, it looks nicer than I had thought it would. While I don't follow this movie series, I do think that the peach suit looks like something the Ryan doll would wear.

I was NOT going to get the Sharpay-Zeke set because most Sharpays look cross-eyed and I had thought that Zeke would look like Steven. This particular Sharpay looks a little less cross-eyed than most, but what really drew me was the Zeke doll. He seems to have more personality than the Steven/Black Ken dolls. And I liked the idea of my Graduation Day Chad having a Black male companion his age and size. Just so that Chad isn't the only "other" in the group of male dolls his age and size.

I like to have a mix of races and ethnicities in my collection.

I'm glad to have nabbed a Sharpay-Zeke set also because I can imagine the protest letters pouring in. Think some people had fits about the solo pregnant Midges? This pairing of a white female doll and a black male doll in ONE box ... oh the outrage that is going to come forth. It doesn't matter what happens in the movie -- there are going to be protests about the dolls. How dare Mattel combine these dolls like this -- and yes, Mattel was brave to create this duo -- and this has to go down in doll history because I cannot think of a time when any doll company has ever romantically paired a black and a white doll. John Smith can be with Pocahontas, but Black dolls are always set off with other Black dolls. Eh well, it is 2008. Time to shake up things, hmmm?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rebelde Guy-Gal Sets

Today I asked a Toys R Us staffer about the Rebelde Guy-Gal sets. He knew what I meant -- how many women go into a toy store during a recession and ask about dolls not on the shelves -- but he wasn't sure that they were out yet. He asked another staffer to check on the computer for the dolls. Well, not only were the Rebelde doll sets a no show on the computer, the one Rebelde Mia in Concert Fashion who was in the store, that doll didn't show up on the Toys R Us computer system either.


I do want to commend the staff at this Toys R Us store: they were patient and they made a sincere effort to find the dolls. I felt almost as sorry for them for the blank wall they kept hitting as for me.

I don't understand how Walmart had at least one set, and Toys R Us has none. I had thought that Toys R Us was the first and last doll and action figure store.

High School Musical Boy in Graduation Outfit

I was at the Wyncote/Cedarbrook Mall Toys R Us today -- I forgot to mention that location in the previous post. That Toys R Us had these Disney High School Musical 3 Senior Year Graduation Day dolls: Gabriella, Sharpay, Troy, and Chad. On the back of the box, some other dolls are shown: Ryan, Chelsie, and Taylor. I relented and bought Chad. I mean, a NEW male head mold -- how could I pass him up? And the first Black male teenager - I mean who actually looks like a teenager LOL. Brad, Steven, and the Black Kens all look around thirty years old. Plus, Chad's sort of cute.

Chad will take classes with fellow HSM pal Ryan, Harry Potter, Kevin, and Scott. I can almost *see* the high school set -- stairs and a hallway. Throw in the Generation Girls, the Mystery Squad girls, and a few other teenagers -- neat scene.

Sets will be a future project. It's always fun to have new projects.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Boxes Undone

I've broken down three of the large shipping boxes full of old doll boxes. I am working on a fourth box. What I do is take out each empty doll box, photograph the box -- if it appeals to me -- then remove any accessories remaining, open and flatten the empty boxes, and place the flattened boxes in a garbage bag. It can be a little tedious, but it's lovely how much space I am recovering.

I'm separating the leftover accessories into ones I want to keep and ones I intend to give away or sell. That's been fun. Once I know what I have on hand, I can figure out how I want to store the ones that aren't on display.

The digital photos can be stored on my computer so they won't take up a lot of space.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Black everGirl Found!

Checking for the Rebelde Diego-Roberta set, I went to the Aramingo Kmart, Toys R Us, and National Wholesale Liquidators. No Diego-Roberta sets yet. Sigh. But as if to compensate, the Black everGirl with the curly black hair popped out from the end of a column of everGirl dolls in National Wholesale Liquidators. (Technically, she was the last doll in the row AND the only one with the center part, black curly hair.) So that's one off my doll wish list.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Box Project

I broke down one extra large moving box worth of doll boxes: 14 outer shipping boxes and 4 doll boxes. I have 4 more extra large boxes of empty doll boxes and shipping cartons. After photographing the ones I wanted to retain, I threw them out.

It wasn't as hard as I had thought it would be.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Diego Close-up on Doll

You can see a close-up photo of Diego of RBD on this doll blog:

Check the entry for Saturday, August 9, 2008. Sigh. Diego has the handsomest face screening, I think. I'm still waiting to find him locally.

I'll have the complete school set AFTER I get him. But more, he's just gorgeous.

AKA Centennial Barbie at Walmart

The AKA Centennial Barbie was at the Walmart in South Philly. Her cost is $59.99 -- ten dollars over the price of the doll at Barbie Collector online

Yes, I am tempted to buy her from Walmart, but I have her on back order at BC. And I need to slow down my spending given my current situation. Sigh.

FR Moods Collection: Body Double Veronique Query

Does anyone know when the FR Moods Collection 2008 are due out? I ordered a Body Double Veronique. I am looking forward to receiving her. Had to pass on the gorgeous white gown and the incredible black wool coat, but a tanned Veronique? Sigh. Could NOT miss.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Jazz Baby Diva and Queen of Hearts Barbies Arrive!

They're here! Jazz Baby Diva Barbie Gift Set and Queen of Hearts Barbie.

These are two of the dolls I bought during Mattel's Customer Appreciation Days Sale (sale ends 11:59pm CT 9/30/2008). I had admired both dolls but I had not wanted to pay the original prices for them. Then I heard about this wonderful sale, submitted my order, and bang. Two new beautiful dolls.

Jazz Baby Diva Barbie strikes a dramatic pose with her right gloved arm thrown up in the air and her microphone before her. She has three wigs: dark brown, dark red, and golden blond. She also has a black sheer mini robe, black sheer stockings, a half-dozen red roses, silver brush and beauty accessories, black formal heels, black bedroom slippers and a black-silver gown.

The clear plastic box presents the doll and her accessories attractively. Jazz Baby Diva Barbie appears to be on stage on the left side while the right side appears to be the diva's dressing room with a shelf to hold two wigs, a hook for the diva's black chiffon robe, a table to hold her silver hair brush, mirror, compact, and sheer black stockings. She also has a half-dozen red rose and some slippers right before the (cardboard) dressing table that holds her makeup accessories.

The Queen of Hearts Barbie does not have as many accessories: aside from her red queen-themed dress, she wears a gold (plastic) tiara and holds a pink flamingo croquet mallet. However, she has a lovely Roman nose. (Most Barbies have tiny turned up noses; then again, Bratz have NO noses. Shame.)

I look forward to finding suitable clothes for this doll. Although -- wait -- there is a thin tape on the lower right corner, on the back of the box stating that the outfit cannot be removed. Ha. Off with the Queen's head then, and onto a new, poseable body. A My Scene Nolee or Delancey would match the Queen's complexion.

I'm very pleased with these purchases.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

G-Five Fiona Returns to Philly

When checking eBay for the Mixis dolls, I noticed a G-Five Fiona for only $12.50. Wow. Pop's Variety and Collectables is the eBay store that sold her to me. Now Fiona was not an A List doll for me, but seeing her at that price, I felt that I had to get her and bring her home to Philly. She arrived yesterday and now she's joined her buddies Gia, Isabella, and Vanessa.

I would just need Eva to complete the set -- not that I always complete sets. Shrug.

And for any G-Five fans reading this blog, Pop's Variety and Collectables presently has Isabella for $12.50. Bonne chance!

No Finds: Cedarbrook Walmart and Toys R Us

Since I found a Rebelde set at the South Philly Walmart, I thought that I might be able to find another set at either the Cedarbrook Shopping Mall Walmart or Toys R Us in Wyncote. Sigh. No such luck. If any Rebelde sets were out, they were all bought before I got there. I saw Catwoman Kelly and Batman Tommy at Walmart and some of the new High School Musical dolls and the Hannah Montana dolls at Toys R Us. Kelly and Tommy were adorable, but I'll wait to get them when the stores are having a sale. They are B List for me. Can't believe that I didn't see even a single Rebelde girl in concert outfit doll. Eh well.

So the hunt for the Rebelde Diego and Roberta set continues.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Gotcha! One Rebelde Set at Walmart, South Philly

The point of getting the Rebelde sets in a brick-and-mortar shop was that I could look through the various sets and choose the perfect -- among the choices -- face screening that I wanted.

Well, I saw a single Rebelde set of Giovanni and Lupita at the South Philly Walmart earlier today. And I bought that set. Sigh. I'm not crazy about the head mold Mattel chose for Giovanni ... or for the one that they used for Miguel. I think that the actors playing Giovanni and Miguel have narrower faces than the molds used for their dolls. I'd have liked a new headmold for these two at least. But I suppose the company couldn't have produced the dolls as quickly or as reasonably as they did had they created new head molds.

Nice to see the Rebelde sets trickling in ... maybe Toys R Us has multiple Miguels waiting for me. Perhaps.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Surprise Find at E-Z Discount Store on 60th Street

Yesterday, I went to E-Z Discount Store located on 60th Street below Market Street in West Philadelphia. Sometimes you can find older dolls and action figures in small stores, not part of a chain. There were no older Barbies -- or any Barbies -- but there were some 11.5 fashion dolls by Totsy that belonged to the Legends of Yesteryear Series: Emeraude. The 11.5 fashion doll resembles the Disney/Mattel Esmeralda from The Hunchback on Notre Dame film. She's the sort of cheap doll that I would usually bypass, but ... Emeraude did not come alone. No, and I am not referring to the $20.00 set that included her and the Quasimodo counterpart. I'm talking about the $9.99 Festival Emeraude who comes with a 1:6 scale GOAT. Sure the goat's eyes need work, and why are his inner ears and nostrils fuchsia? This has to be a first for me ... a playscale goat.

I have a donkey with the Power Team World Peacekeepers Trailwalker aka Farmer Miles. My Lanard I-Girls have two toucans, a panda, and a brown lab retriever dog. Not a single goat though. Now we have a goat. Just what every urban farmer needs. Chevre cheese a-coming next.

Aside: maybe the pink ears and nostrils on the goat are not unnatural. See the goat photos shown at this web page:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mattel Customer Appreciation Sale - September 2008

Mattel is running a Customer Appreciation Days sale from September 15, 2008 until September 30, 2008. The dolls for sale are shown on this web page:

Information about the sale is shown on this page:

Happy Collecting!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bane of Boxes, Boxes, and More Boxes

They are a weakness for me: boxes. I have several boxes full of empty doll and action figure boxes.

My collection is NOT all never-removed-from-box. I prefer to have the dolls or action figures OUT of their boxes so that I can pose them. However, I like the boxes for their art and story notes. In a way, the box "completes" the doll or action figure. A well-done box can almost "sell" a doll or action figure. Sigh.

So what's the problem? Space. The more empty boxes I retain, the less room I have to display my growing collection. So the time has come. Some boxes must go.

Flattening and throwing out the boxes seems like a terrible waste. All that art. All that history. All that effort for naught?! I can't do it. I couldn't. But I have to.

Problem, solution. I am going to photograph the empty boxes. If I can find the doll or figure that went in the box, I will include that doll/figure in the photograph. Then I will leave the mostly empty boxes outside on a certain day and time. Whoever wants them, that person or persons can have them. And I'll have more space!

Reflection: I'll post notice on a local doll and action figure mailing list. If I hear from someone about the boxes first, I'll "hold" them for that individual. Or if I don't hear from anyone, I'll -- horror of horrors -- leave them out for the trash people to collect. In the best interest of my entire collection though, I'll have to sacrifice the less exciting boxes.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mixis Dolls -- Rosa and Opal Here!

Draft from September 13, 2008 Posted Today:

September 13 at the Black Latino Expo in the Convention Center, I saw the Mixis dolls, Opal and Rosa. Dolls Like Me were selling those two dolls at the Expo. (Emerald is on back order at so they didn't have any Emeralds to show.)

The Mixis dolls resemble the Fashion Royalty dolls in that they have collar bones, but they also remind me of prettier versions of the Get Set Club dolls that were produced/sold by a local doll maker, Jenny Baker back 1999-2000.

Rosa's knee boots are amazing: they have a center seam down the front of the boot and they have a full zip back. The boxes are sturdy enough to hold the dolls and several outfits and accessories.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

At Last ... R&D Gothic Momoko!

Some collectors on the Yahoo Group GoGoMomoko shared links showing photos of our favorite jointed doll, Momoko (by PetWorks and by Sekiguchi). One of the dolls photographed was the R&D Gothic Girl Momoko. What can I say? The photo launched a quick search, purchase, and capture of this beautiful doll.

I had seen this Momoko before -- I have been on-and-off collecting Momokos since I learned about them through another Yahoo Group -- Biscuit's Club -- around 2002, but I didn't care for the froo froo Gothic outfit. And she was more expensive than the regular Momoko line so I "passed" on her.

Zip forward four years. I see her photo. She didn't literally sing, "Take, take me home," but the geas descended and behold. Another Momoko in the house. The R&D Gothic Momoko, too. At last ....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Series: Mixis Biracial/Multiracial Dolls

Late last night, while tormenting myself with the low cost of the Rebelde sets on and seeking online photos of the actual dolls, I discovered a new series of dolls. The doll series is called Mixis, and they are created by YNU Group, Incorporated.

(Aside, it is the nature of doll and action figure collectors to seek new figures to obsess over. Keeps the thrill of the hunt alive. Always something on the horizon.)

(Aside 2, actually, I was checking for Rebelde photos when I came across a blurb about Kmart seeking ethnic dolls. So I HAD to investigate -- collector = curious -- and zap! I saw these gorgeous new-to-me dolls. I HAVE to have them, of course. But I was not actively seeking them. They came to my notice.)

Here are the website links for the company and for the website showing the dolls. The dolls are available at Dolls Like Me.

They remind me of the Get Set Club dolls produced locally around 1999. Sigh. Those dolls weren't out long; they didn't take. I liked and like them. They aren't as pretty as Barbies, but they have definite noses and intelligent faces. Not that all Barbies look like bimbos. (Better watch myself; might get in trouble with Mattel. And I tithe to them so often, that would be a shame. Note the Rebelde obsession.)

Someone has to go through her collection and start purging.

Hands Up, Surrender ... Rebelde Online Purchase

Okay, I don't know how to explain this but knowing that had two of the Rebelde sets for sale for $16.99 ... that was driving me crazy. I really wanted to wait to see the dolls in the vinyl. I really wanted to buy local. Cross my heart and all that. Or if nothing better, I wanted to pick the facial screening and hairline that I liked best from the store assortment. Sigh. Then I checked today and instead of seeing Roberta and Diego AND Mia and Miguel on sale for $16.99 each pair, I saw only Mia and Miguel at the sale price.


Ran for my credit card, typed the numbers in, and secured Mia and Miguel for my collection.

I mean, suppose they NEVER reach Philly? Would I wait until they are 5x the original price on eBay? Or never have them at all? No. So I had to buy them now.

Well, at least I don't have any Mias.

And I will be able to get Diego and Giovanni locally. Sigh. Although I think that Giovanni will be elusive.

Seeking Rebelde Guys in the Vinyl II

The Rebelde Guys are not available at this time at the Toys R Us in Wyncote yet. I haven't seen them in the South Philly Walmart or the South Philly Target either. I think that they might not be available until later in the year here in Philly. Closer to the holidays, perhaps ....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Asian Barbie for President 2008 and Others

Anyone looking for the Asian Barbie for President 2008? I found her at the Toys R Us 2045 Cottman Avenue. Her cost? $16.99. That Toys R Us also had the America's Next Top Model dolls on sale for $7.98.

Further down Cottman Avenue, at 2343, the K B Toys has the 80's Cher Bob Mackie Doll on sale for $24.98 or $24.99.

They also had re-issues of the Barbie-scale BUT generic brand furniture sets that they sold a few years ago. The furniture sets are not technically described as "re-issues," but they look like the same pieces that were issued under the "Sweet Home" grouping that came in yellow with pink and white graphic boxes. The new sets are in hot pink boxes labelled "Home & Garden."

Among the furniture sets was a living room setting that includes a grandmother clock and a painting/wall safe attached to a partial wall. I intend to re-paint some pieces to more natural furniture colors and to slipcover the chair. Only a few pieces are pink, but the cream and periwinkle blue china cabinet and the magneta fireplace don't appeal to me.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Scanned Jade Princess

Feeling very pleased that I've added a photo of the Jade Princess from Kmart. There's nothing like actually seeing the doll or action figure. This photo was scanned using an HP Deskjet F4240. I would have felt more comfortable tweaking a photo from my digital camera, but the printer/scanner/copier is already attached to the computer I am using now.

Jade Princess from Kmart