Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcome Renee

First doll of 2012: Renee.

I held out against other dolls, but I could not resist Renee's charms so she found her way into my Target basket and out of the store. Sigh. Here she meets some of the East Philly kiddies - from left to right, Darla, Abby, and Tawny Tommy. They stand outside the Barbie Teen Dream Bedroom.

I like the side, but I need to redo that flooring. Next time, folks ;-D

Star Dolls 2012

Flickr again or more precisely, tru_fashionista_luv and chocliteluvr4evas share promotion stills about the new Star Dolls series, Viole and Rio. Hurry, hurry. Check out the new dolls. Do you think they are as attractive as the first run of the Star Dolls by Barbie or not?

Dana in enabling mode.