Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Barbie!

Alas, I have nooo interesting photos for Barbie's birthday.

I have an idea about one, but I haven't been able to set it up yet. However, I did not want Barbie's "day" to go by unaddressed.

Oh and don't forget that Barbie Collectibles has a sale - 25% off online items - if bought before midnight Central Time. Happy buying to those who can do so.

Spin Master Liv Dolls Spring and Fall 2010 Previews

This photo shows two of the new Spin Master Liv fashions I saw in Target today.

Remember how I mentioned "downsizing"? Remember how I didn't have any interest in the Liv dolls because their heads are too big? Well, downsizing has become even more important now that I have seen the Liv offerings for 2010. Even if I will probably replace the heads. But LivWorld stuff is now on my unofficial Want List.

[Note: for those who need a refresher about who the Liv dolls are, please refer to this post by Charles of DollStuff.]

Toronto-based Spin Master has some impressive accessories lined up for this Spring and Fall. Think of a drum set for Daniela, a store window to be dressed by Alexis, a horse, a new doll called Hayden with her adorable bunny, and did I mention cool fashions? But I'll let the Toy Fair photos on Flickr show how this line has enchanted me.

Additional information can be found on the Liv blog. Yes, the Liv dolls have inspired a blog. Whhooo hooo!