Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ta Da! PhillyCollector Blog Update - You Like?

I have thought that I needed to do something to de-clutter my blog's appearance. I tweaked a few things myself, but I didn't feel that things were as I wanted them. Only I was not sure what I wanted. Then I learned about this new service through a FaceBook blogging group. There were people who would test the usability of my blog at no cost. No cost, I exclaimed to myself. Sign me up, now. So I submitted my blog url to Peek and waited to received the feedback.

Because that was what I felt my blog needed - to be cleaned up. It looks Spartan now, but I like it. It looks crisp and professional. It needs additional layers - pages and photos and maybe some font tweaking. Overall though, it made me think of something that experienced a thorough spring cleaning. Or as if I had lost some weight - smile.

But about the service ... what was that like, you may want to know. Okay, I submitted my blog url and then, I received a link to an audio file. I clicked on the link and heard a man with a British accent mention my blog title. Squeal - confession - I LOVE British accents. I could listen to Roger Tabor talk cats for hours on end and smile all the while. Ahem. Well, there I was all enchanted when slam! I got knocked sideways. Because Mr. British Accent moved on from describing my blog as "quirky" (me likes), "unusual" (ditto), to "fun for hobbyists" but as not particularly interesting to him. 


Splat. Deep breath. OMG. You mean there is someone - people - who do not find playscale dolls and action figures FASCINATING? Pant, pant. I - I - I - I am so accustomed to being surrounded by friends and allies online, that someone who could NOT understand how I and others like me feel passionate about dolls ... well, that was ... um ... startling. Shocking. I know that most of my family members and most of my friends in my vicinity do not find my hobby interesting. But to hear this Voice state that my blog was ... gulp ... whisper: "boring." Oh! Sigh. Well, that was not pleasant. However, it was good for me to hear and good for the blog.


Because I learned that red text against a multi-colored background is difficult to read. 

Because I learned that my blog needed layering to avoid being "flat." 

Because I am aware that I need to tweak my fonts to provide visual stimulation. 

Because now I have a challenge to make my blog so fascinating to read that even the most disinterested non-collector - British accent or not - has to pause to skim its contents. 

Yes! By the wit of my mind and the manipulation of words, I WILL conquer other audiences.

Cough. Descending from my soapbox - the height was going to my head, I want to thank Arlett from the blog Chasing Joy for suggesting Peek through the Philadelphia Area Bloggers FaceBook Group. Thanks, Artlett. Thanks Peek!