Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Challenge 2014 and Takara-Bbi Gatchaman Jun CyGirl

Back in 2011, I took a daily blog post challenge for that July. That month, I submitted 22 posts. Let's see what happens this year. I have many posts that I need to complete from previous months - oh, yes, I have posts-in-waiting in my Drafts folder. I'll complete and publish them. So I have an edge there. But what about new topics? 

July 1st Canada Day - Hey, hello, and hooray to YNU Group, Inc. for making the lovely Mixis Dolls.

July 4th Independence Day - Naomi is tearing up because Pennsylvania will be listening to Whitney Houston's version of Star Spangled Banner. You can check what the other States will be listening to here.

July 6th My Birthday - yeah, I'm celebrating this year. Stop by and wish me a happy one. Time and sentiment permitting, of course ;-D

National Ice Cream Month and National Blueberry Month, too. Maybe I will work those themes in, too. Maybe ;-D

Oh and I am going to try for a photo with every post this month. See below, Takara - Blue Box Toys  G3 Battle of the Planets (Gatchaman) Jun.