Saturday, March 24, 2012

Target Sale - Star Dolls and Accessories

Target is having a sale on the Star Dolls and their accessories.

Woweeeeee! Pause. Okay, it's been a long, hard, dry run for me. No new dolls since Renee in February. Yes, it has been that long. The Star Dolls are either old news to everyone else or they never made a dent in your collector heart. I like their faces and some of their outfits so I am all-over giddy glad. Why? Because I allowed myself to get two of the Star Dolls. Yes, I surrendered again. Here they are ...

I don't have names for them yet. I don't have back stories for them yet. I haven't tried the online StarDolls website. And I have not found new bodies - the better to pose them - yet. But they are here, here, here.

Course now I have to do some selling to make up for my indulgence. (And to allow for further indulgences ... sigh.)

For those similarly tempted, the Target Star Doll and the Star Doll accessories sale began on March 18th and ends on April 7th. The dolls cost $14.99; the accessories are at $12.99.

I didn't get any of the accessories. Dolls first, then accessories.