Friday, September 27, 2013

One World Dolls Prettie Girls A-Coming - Thanks, Sandra!

Sandra Bernal of The Doll Cafe shared exciting news on the So in Style Facebook page: the Prettie Girls by One World Dolls will be arriving November 2013 according to this new article. Shriek. The expected price per doll will be between $16-$18 each. Not a bad price for fully dressed and articulated fashion dolls. Shriek. "New" articulated, playscale fashion dolls!

The One World Dolls website also includes promotional items like Prettie Girls tee shirts, water bottles, and coffee mugs. Nice for those interested in branded items, but not something I would buy. Show me the photos of the fashion dolls - not the cartoons but the actual dolls - I'm excited again. Here are refresher links showing each of the dolls in case you missed my earlier post on them:

African American Lena

Hispanic Valencia

Caucasian Alexie

Middle Eastern/Indian Dahlia

African Kimani

Additional news about this doll series can be found online. The One World Doll Project's mission reminds me of Kenya doll's mission. Positivity for girls. Then again, ethnic fashion dolls and action figures - especially those produced by ethnic manufacturers - tend to stress pride in ethnic/racial identity.

Suspicious because these dolls were to have been produced two years ago? Or maybe you do not like the face sculpt? Still not thrilled? Think of the re-bodying potentials ... evil cackle.