Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hair Check Before the Catfight

Maybe I'm influenced by the last article I read, the parody on America's Next Top Model.

Maybe I'm tired of pining after dolls I cannot get just yet.

Maybe I'm tired of Barbie talk - oops, well, yes, most of my recent posts have been Mattel focused.

Whatever the reason ... I gathered some of my Integrity Fashion Royalty dolls and I started shooting (photographs!). Here's my favorite:

Aren't they super divas?

Mock Model Catfight Alert - America's Next Top Model Dolls

I was investigating MGA Entertainment for more information on the Best Friends Ink. line when I came across this amusing send-up:

Top Model Parody

What tickles me is that the guy probably is NOT a doll collector, but there he is creating a scene with dolls. Even non-collectors enjoy a diorama plus story fun.