Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Deboxed Cheetah Girls in Webshots Folder

Finally deboxed the PlayAlong Cheetah Girls. I have a few photos of them in a new Webshots folder.

I like their faces, but their hair is a little sparse in the back. They have different types of boots - but each has at least one pair of T-strap high heels that fit them well. The clothes are less than average quality: mostly velcro closures AND cheap, polyester fabric. Oh and never have I seen so much leopard wear in ONE doll collection.

Poll Results - More Photos Please

The "What would you like to see more of here" poll ended today. I thank my 37 participants.

Drumroll ... the results are

21 votes for more doll and action figure photos

16 votes for more doll and action figure news and/or updates

15 votes for more doll collecting information

13 votes for more photos of older figures

9 votes for more opinion pieces

I'll need to work on my camera technique. More photos coming ;-D

I will leave the poll results up until next Monday.