Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Collector Confession: Photos Speak a 1000 Words

Welcome to my Doll Room or the Doll and Action Figure Zone (DAFZ)!

I confess: I have more dolls and action figures and accessories than I can maintain neatly given the storage units I have. Sigh. Part of me is pleased beyond belief - this was the dream of my childhood, to have hundreds, even thousands of dolls.

(Aside - I only have 100s - they are not yet into a 1000. Figures. If you add the figures, the clothes, the footwear, the accessories, etc., well ... that would be like adding apples and oranges. I plea, not fair.)

Part of me is a little abashed. Now these are just the dolls and action figures in the DAFZ: these photos do not show the figures in the laundry room or in the hall or in my bedroom or in the one IKEA Detolf cabinet that I have. Yes, oh my.

I share these photos, not to show off - if I had glass cases and shelves full of figures, well, then I could justifiably show off - but partly as a cautionary viewing and partly as proof of dedication to this hobby. If this blog in itself did not establish my love for this hobby, the photos seal my confession, this conclusion.

Next steps? Review, assess, and purge!