Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Asian Barbie for President 2008 and Others

Anyone looking for the Asian Barbie for President 2008? I found her at the Toys R Us 2045 Cottman Avenue. Her cost? $16.99. That Toys R Us also had the America's Next Top Model dolls on sale for $7.98.

Further down Cottman Avenue, at 2343, the K B Toys has the 80's Cher Bob Mackie Doll on sale for $24.98 or $24.99.

They also had re-issues of the Barbie-scale BUT generic brand furniture sets that they sold a few years ago. The furniture sets are not technically described as "re-issues," but they look like the same pieces that were issued under the "Sweet Home" grouping that came in yellow with pink and white graphic boxes. The new sets are in hot pink boxes labelled "Home & Garden."

Among the furniture sets was a living room setting that includes a grandmother clock and a painting/wall safe attached to a partial wall. I intend to re-paint some pieces to more natural furniture colors and to slipcover the chair. Only a few pieces are pink, but the cream and periwinkle blue china cabinet and the magneta fireplace don't appeal to me.