Monday, July 20, 2015

DC Comics, Alert Reader, and Comic Book Dolls

PhillyCollector: Guess who has added a Wonder Woman doll to her Wish List? Me.

Surprised? So am I. First, I was a "Make Mine Marvel" kid. I did not follow DC characters. Superman bored me ...

Alert Reader pops up: Wait a minute, I saw a Superman Ken sometime ago here ...

PhillyCollector: Yes, you did. Back in 2009. He is still here. Hey, Super Ken ...

Mattel Superman Ken doll flying
Mattel Superman Ken: Me, boring?

Alert Reader: So you do collect DC Comics dolls. You mentioned the Mattel Batgirl on her Batcycle in a previous post.

PhillyCollector: Whoa - Batman is different. Batman is classic cool - a human who uses his wits, his wealth, and his unquenchable lust for vengeance to fight criminals. Batman is deep, complex. You can not talk Batman and Superman in the same discussion. Sure, he is more moody than my favorite Spider-Man, but Batman has NO super powers so he's bound to get aches that Spidey and Superman don't.

Besides, who doesn't LOVE the campy American television show? Let's sing the theme -

Alert Reader: Let's NOT. Sing. Ever.
PhillyCollector: Okay, back to DC characters. Batgirl is boring, but the doll has a Poser body AND she came with that Batcycle. Neat, huh?

Mattel Batgirl Batcycle, front view
Mattel Batgirl Batcycle

PhillyCollector: And see the side. Nice, right?

Mattel Batgirl Batcycle, side view
Want to ride?

Alert Reader: You also have the Tommy and Kelly Batman and Catwoman Giftset.

PhillyCollector: ... and I had the Collector Edition of Barbie as Catwoman. Although I sold her and the Takara Catwoman that I had. Nice to have had them.

Alert Reader: So, it's not surprising that you want a DC character. You have them. What's different about Wonder Woman?

PhillyCollector: I have never had a Wonder Woman doll before.

Superman Ken: Can we discuss how I am boring?

Alert Reader and PhillyCollector: No.