Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring-Summer 2009 Momokos - Look if You Dare

On the GoGoMomoko Yahoo Group list, Larraine sent the first alert about a new batch of Momokos. Eric and Lisa supplied the URLs for the web page for English speakers and for another web page showing more lovely Momoko dolls.

Current Momokos

Against my better judgement, I looked and now would like to add Preppy Girl, Honey Wild, and possibly Fruits of Passion to my collection.

Moving from the "Lineup" link to the "Special" link, there's another version of Spring Forest this one called Sky and two new Wake-Up dolls, 5 and 6.

Special Momokos

Ah such riches.

Rebelde Dolls at Target and Other Stores

Now that I no longer seek the Rebelde pair sets, I see them here and there. Target on 2701 Castor Avenue has the boy-girl sets for $15.99 and the single girls (both school uniform dolls and music outfit dolls) for $9.99 each. Okay, you might think: that's four dollars cheaper than Walmart's price of $19.99 LAST YEAR.

1. Whoa ... say it ain't so Target. You are the trendsetter store. NOT Walmart. But here we have the Rebelde sets a year AFTER Walmart had them. Tsk.

2. I won't mention how Ross now has the Target pairs at the ridiculous price of $6.99. When you can find them, that is. I saw the Diego-Roberta set and the Giovanni-Lupita set at the Willow Grove Ross. Target fans, you didn't read that here. No, no, no.