Friday, January 9, 2015

Hey, Jean-Claude Van Damme Has an Action Figure by Enterbay!

I am sharing this information for those who might be interested: Enterbay has produced a sixth scale Jean-Claude Van Damme action figure. Okay, I am familiar with Van Damme as a martial arts actor. He looks competent as far as I can tell. He is okay - I can watch him in a movie, but I wouldn't go out of my way to see him. He used to be popular in action adventure movies. I haven't seen much of him lately so his getting an action figure now provoked mild curiosity when I saw Action Figure Fury's article about him.. 

What about him being a new Enterbay figure? Well, I have no Enterbay figures so I cannot comment on their work. They have done some Bruce Lee figures and lots of sports figures. I loathe team sports in general so unless the figure is on sale or strikingly good-looking, I don't follow them. Bruce Lee was/is cool. Period. But his Enterbay figure is over $100.00 so ... I never rushed to get him.

In addition to the Action Figure Fury's article, I checked two reviews. One from an action figure enthusiast who had NOT received the figure at the time of the YouTube video; the other from an enthusiast who had received the figure. While I liked the cheerful excitement of the first reviewer, I felt a little saddened by his and some of the commenters' disappointment that the figure does not depict the young actor. (The Enterbay figure resembles the current Van Damme.) The second review reminded me that sometimes, it is wiser to wait for the actual product's appearance before buying expensive figures. I'm including another review of another Enterbay figure because this particular figure (the Van Damme one) might be an exception. (If you have one or more Enterbay figures, please chime in here in the Comments or share a link with your experience.)

Have I stirred your interest in all things Jean-Claude Van Damme? Check his official website. Enjoy!