Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mystery Series Set in Doll Collecting Community

Yesterday, I finished Deb Baker's Dolled Up for Murder mystery novel. It was a fun and educational story with an engaging heroine. The fun part was reading about doll collecting in a mystery novel. The educational part was learning that some people fear dolls (?!) and that that particular phobia is called pediophobia. Now I find that amazing that someone could be uncomfortable in a roomful of dolls and action figures. Then again, pediophobia, also means fear of children. Now that I can understand. Whoa ... I'm joking, of course. Everyone knows the parents are the really scary ones ...

I will not spoil the mystery, but I will let you know that Dolled Up for Murder is the FIRST of a mystery series set in Arizona and with a doll collecting background. There are three other books listed on the author's website. The fourth one seems specially enticing for me - the fictional doll collectors open a doll museum. Sigh. How many fictional accounts are there about opening a doll museum?

Webshots Photo Updates (Candi and Smartees Folders)

I've updated the Smartees and the Candi folders in my Webshots account. Click this link. I added photos of the boxes for Destiny and Nicole and the Taylor doll under Smartees. I added photos of Holiday Toast Candi and On the Go Candi under Candi.