Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Updated Webshotos Albums

I've updated some of my Webshots folders and added two new folders, Barbie and Generation Girl Barbie.

Stop by if you like. Thanks in advance to all visitors.

Temptations at Target

I saw two of the Red Collection Barbie Basics (Target exclusives): No. 1, the pale, blond Barbie and No. 8, the brown-skinned, red haired Mbili. Big whoop, huh? Big whoop, YES! The Target Mbili has curly hair. Whoo, hoo! Textured hair.

Oh, I could curse Mattel for their artistry. The curly-hair makes that Mbili-faced doll pop. Even though I remind myself that I have several Mbili-faced dolls already - the first Raven, two AA Zodiac Barbies, Princess of South Africa, Vitamin C, and the first SIS Kara doll – I find myself considering this doll. Never mind that I want at least one each SIS character Trichelle, Chandra, and possibly Grace. Ah but is it Mattel or the weakness in me? The collector bug?

Aside: Target has the Princess to Frog Tiana on sale for $6.22 though. Possibly because they want to move on to the next Mattel-Disney franchise, Rapunzel. (Rapunzel dolls are now available.)

Walmart Update - New SIS Dolls!

New SIS Sightings! Last week, I saw the Heart 2 Shop Trichelle and Chandra set at Target.

This week, I see Walmart has the second set of Rocawear single doll So in Style dolls. Grace, Kara, Trichelle, and Chandra each wears her second Rocawear fashion. (No Darren, but then did he even get a different outfit?) Walmart also has the Heart 2 Shop Trichelle and Chandra set. Once upon a time, I would have nabbed that Trichelle and Chandra set and ran to the cashier. Once upon a time …