Monday, March 2, 2009

Habit Query - Need Priest Garb to Match Nuns' Robes

Note: I have a priest - former Commander Adama from Majestic Studios. However, I need a priest's robe for him to match the nuns' habits. Any suggestions or information welcome.

Lady's Mission Kyoko Tenryu and Sugary Cafe au Lait Momoko are the nuns in this photo. (Alas, Momoko's hair peeps out from her headdress, cowl? Technically, none of her hair should show, right? I'll check on this later.) Girl's Mission Mai approaches the nuns with a question.

Photos Added to D7ana Webshots Account

I've updated my Webshots account to include some Dragon figures. The link is

D7ana Webshots

Thanks for looking.