Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Barbie's New Career Involves a Rabbit

No, I did not find a pregnant Barbie. Barbie never has taken on the role of "Mother;" my guess is that motherhood would impact her role as fashion model. (Really though? What about Cindy Crawford, etc. But that's never been an option for Barbie ... probably because it would bring in the taboo of sex and a children's toy. Shhh.)

No, the new career is Magician. Alas, I cannot upload my photo of the new "I Can Be ... Magician" Barbie doll. Yet. But this Barbie has a cute rabbit companion nestled in a purple top hat. It is the third playscale rabbit - after Liv doll Hayden's brown rabbit and the thin white rabbit that accompanied one of the 2009 "Think Pink" Barbies - that I would like to add to my collection. The rabbit is the best part of this doll set even if its head is slightly oversized.

I suppose the purple gown and accessories could be an improvement over the omnipresent pink, but not by much, I find. I would have given this doll a black sequin dress with a black felt top hat and a black or silver wand. But I suppose purple is a preferred color for the target audience that begins at 3 years old. (Wince. I forget how young the current Barbie doll target age is.)

So if you have been waiting for a magician Barbie, there is one in the "I Can Be" group. What do you think?