Tuesday, December 9, 2008

National Wholesale Liquidators - Going Out of Business

"Another one bites the dust ...."

National Wholesale Liquidators is going out of business. On the plus side, their toys are selling for 40% off the marked price. The Glitter Games Barbie, Glitter Games Teresa, and seemingly endless Playmates everGirl dolls marked or priced as $9.99 are going for nearly HALF that amount. There are also several Kellys, some of those basic ballerina Barbies, and a slew of cheap fashion dolls. I bought a Glitter Games Barbie, a Black everGirl who has better face screening than the one I bought previously, two Kellys (one with hot pink streaks; the other with black hair), and two Kelly ladybug-themed outfit sets.

On the minus side, there goes another source for reasonably priced fashion dolls and accessories. I bought some nice dolls there over the years. Sigh. Pause for a moment's contemplation.