Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Site for Adult Eyes ... Kitbasher's Kitbasher Jimbob

I came across a 2001 Jimbob Wan's review of Get Real Girl Nakia, and I realized: some of the more recent doll enthusiasts among us many not have seen this site. So here is a link to a veteran kitbasher. Please note: he does warn that the site is NOT intended for children or sensitive adults. (And no, the "or" there is not meant to equate sensitive adults to children.) 

Can I be more specific about what I mean by sensitive? Yes, I mean viewers who find bare, realistic doll breasts offensive or comments about human anatomy unsavory. Now I do not hunt down websites showing naked, made-realistic dolls and/or action figures. But if I see a nude doll that has been ... altered to have more human details, I take no offense to it. So you have been warned. May you enjoy the site and get fun ideas.

Where to start? Oh try this review of Obitsu fashion dolls or these instruction tips or this mini essay about collecting philosophy. Lots of reading ... hope some of you have the three day Labor Day weekend.

New Monster High Bed for a Dead Tired Spectra

"If she doesn't rest in peace, Spectra Vondergeist doll (sold separately) can really become a beast!" Quote from ShopMattel online.

Odd. I wouldn't think that having a television attached to your bed was conducive to a good night's rest, but I am not a teenage ghoul. From the recent Dead Tired Monster High dolls - which includes a second Dead Tired Lagoon and a new Dead Tired Robecca, only Dead Tired Spectra Vondergeist gets a bed. And not just any bed, but a "Floating Bed" which does not float. I suppose the floating is in reference to Spectra's ghostly nature? Anyway, the bed has wrought iron styling that I think could be borrowed for non-ghoul dolls. (I'd see about removing the chains though. And maybe some repainting ... )

I saw this bed at a Philadelphia Walmart. My photo shows that the item is available in a store and what it looks like packaged. You cannot see much promise from the box view, but online you can see the bed de-boxed and in greater detail at the MattelShop website or in this Google search for Monster High beds. This bed has potential so I am adding it to my Wish List. Someday ....

Curious about the other Dead Tired Monster High fashion dolls? Visit this Wiki about them. It is a cute slumber party theme line.